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If the Redskins keep the name, they should change the logo

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has stated on many occasions that the name Redskins is a badge of honor, but does that include the teams’ logo?  With the controversy over the Redskins name only getting bigger, the debate continues to rage over whether the team and the NFL should move to change it.

I have debated with fans about the what the name means.  Is it a racial slur, or could it be possible that over the course of all these years, the name Redskins has come to mean something else entirely to team and to the fan base?  Does it really need to reference Native Americans any more?  Why can’t it just mean football?

If the name is a badge of honor then couldn’t it mean whatever the team wanted it to?  Redskins owner Dan Snyder has stated that he will never change the name of the team from Redskins, and that may be the way it remains.  But if it does, why not just change the logo?  Does the team have to adopt a Native American motif?  Why not drop that altogether?

Design a new logo without using the likeness of a Native American.  No feathers, no spears, just something that depicts honor, since that’s what Snyder says the name is a badge of.  And maybe moving away from the Indian references will be enough to encourage opponents of the name to change their minds about protesting it.

A move like this could be looked at as a compromise from the team and the NFL to appease those who are for changing the name, and still satisfy those who want to keep it.  Dan Snyder said he will never change the name, but I don’t recall him ever saying anything about the logo.


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  • Baldwin04

    If ever forced (and only when), I say Keep the Logo, change the name. Change the name to Washington Football Club, and therefore, we will still always be the Redskins. IMO, that would be sticking it to the man. Arsenal will always be the Gunners, Liverpool the Reds, etc…. WFC in the DMV. What’s not to like.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      That might be a way to go Baldwin, but I don’t think the NFL will go the route of soccer clubs and have team without a nickname. The thing is, I just don’t see Dan Snyder ever changing the name as long as he’s owner. SO if the name won’t be changed, then maybe it’s time to change something else like the logo.

  • Gerry Thompson

    I think that the Washington Redskins should change their name. It is an embarrassment. They should drop the name Washington, and keep the name Redskins!

  • Sarah LilRedfeather

    Greed presides in taking our “cultural identity,” the last we hold to be sacred apart from our children, elders, ceremonies, and mother earth for all the pride and the dollar. I say Dan Synder keep your name, remove our cultural identity for his dollar branding.

    Its time this country learns RESPECT … we gave respect when the lands were invaded, we gave respect even though this country conducted genocide … now, its this country’s turn to show us respect, and honor our wishes that we do not want our culture to be your mascots, its ours to have. We are a People #NotYourMaccot.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      Thank you for your comments on this issue Sarah. This is the reason I wrote this article, was to get this type of feedback. And after reading your response I’m more convinced than ever that the Redskins should at least change their logo, if not their name. I agree that Native Americans shouldn’t be used as mascots.

  • Ramiz Andoni

    Either way, you are still using a word that is, by definition, in the dictionary, a racial slut. Can I go around calling African-Americans “Niggers” and Latinos “Spics” as long as I mean it as a badge of honor? No, I cannot and neither should Dan Snyder. With all due respect, fuck Dan Synder.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      I’ll say it again, you don’t name a team after something you don’t admire. And a lot less people consider the team name Redskins to be a racial slur than those words you mentioned, including some Native Americans. So your comparison isn’t quite as obvious as you portray it to be.

      Most football fans in general don’t consider the team name Redskins as a slur. So as long as that’s the case, Snyder won’t change the name. However, I think using the face of a Native American as a logo should stop regardless. Whether or not the word Redskins is a slur or not is debatable, but a Native American as a mascot being offensive is not debatable.

      But thank you for adding your comments to this discussion.

  • Alex Rodman

    Keep the name and the logo. Some Native Americans might like it while others might not. The majority has to dislike it for the team to change. Just because one person has a problem with something doesn’t mean you have to change everything.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      I agree, the majority of fans need to be against the name before Snyder will consider making a change. Also, corporate sponsors need to come out against the name as well. Otherwise, I think Snyder’s dead set against changing. However, I don’t think this argument is going away any time soon, so changing the logo might be a way of extending an olive branch to those who oppose the name.

      • Alex Rodman

        Yeah. I guess changing the name would be an olive branch.

      • Alex Rodman

        I mean logo