Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2). Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NFL Draft profile - Johnny Manziel

2014 NFL Draft

Name:  Johnny Manziel

School:  Texas A&M

Position:   Quarterback

Age:  21

Height:  6-0

Weight:   207

Positives:  Johnny Manziel has an insatiable appetite to win.  He has a fire burning inside of him to succeed.  He helped to elevate the Texas A&M football program.  Yes, head coach Kevin Sumlin had a lot to do with that as well.  But A&M was a mediocre program when Ryan Tannehill was taking the snaps a mere season before Manziel did.  That should tell you something.

Manziel has the ability to make something out of nothing like very few quarterbacks can.  He can make plays with his legs by buying time in the pocket, and also running the football.  He has a never say die attitude that rubs off onto his teammates.  Not to mention he has good accuracy, and adequate arm strength.

Negatives:  Manziel is a celebrity quarterback.  He loves the spotlight, and that kind of attention could become a distraction to his team.  Although Manziel matured some over the course of last season, it’s possible that when the money starts rolling in he may regress to his hard partying ways.

He has a slight build that may not be able to hold under the pounding of a full NFL season.  He will have to become comfortable operating from under center, after spending most of his college career in the shotgun.  And Manziel’s cocky attitude might rub some veterans on his new team the wrong way.

Impact on the team that drafts him:  Johnny Manziel will bring instant star power to whatever team that drafts him. That team will become headline news and relevant in ways they would not have been without Manziel.  He will not be intimidated by the pressures being a rookie quarterback.

He seems to crave that pressure.  That doesn’t mean that he’ll be successful, it just means that he won’t be crushed under the weight of high expectations.

Where Manziel will be picked:  I think the Cleveland Browns will draft Manziel.  They’ve been pretending they’re more interested in others quarterbacks.  But the let’s face it, the Browns have had only one winning season in their last ten.  So this is a team that needs take a chance.

And yes draft Manziel is a risk, but what more could the Browns possibly have to lose by picking Manziel?  Also, if the Houston Texans trade out of the number one spot, Manziel comes into play for them as well.

Teams interested:   Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans

2014 NFL Draft


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  • ehsj

    Horribly written article.

    • http://fanonfiresportswire.com/ Maurice Barksdale

      What’s so horrible about it?

      • trinity

        The fact that the writer’s manziel crush is oozing off of it

        • http://fanonfiresportswire.com/ Maurice Barksdale

          What do you dispute in the article? I’ve actually been one of Manziel’s harshest critics over the past year, but mostly on his off the field antics which I think I covered fairly in the negatives. But on the field he’s an amazing football player. You disagree?

          • trinity

            You said it. You’ve been his harshest critic of off the field stuff, but I’m talking about on the field stuff, and the article didn’t get into the negatives on that side of the equation. I think that manziel is a great COLLEGE quarterback, but there are glaring concerns as to whether that translates into nfl success. Because of his style of play. He kind of reminds me of Tim Tebow. He is a better passer than Tebow, but follow me here….

            Coming out of college Tebow was an electrifying college quarterback. A celebrity college quarterback who made dazzling plays. He had real “wow factor”. He also came with significant concerns because of his style of play. People correctly questioned whether or not he could adjust to being better in the pocket. Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos stupidly ignored those very valid questions and went with his wow factor. Fast fforward to today, and McDaniels is long fired from that job, and Tebow is out of the league, reliving his glory college days on SEC network lol. The beginning of this story sounds disturbingly similar to what is happening right now with Johnny manziel.

            Second, lets go best case scenario. Lets say he doesn’t change his style of play, and still has some level of success. Lets say he still flees the pocket and his coaches don’t make him change. He is a rebellious guy, so maybe he doesn’t want to change. I think the ABSOLUTE best case scenario is that you get another Michael Vick. A guy with a lot of exciting plays. But who has spent more time on the sidelines injured than he has in the playoffs lol.

            I respect your opinion if you don’t agree, but my opinion is that there is not much to be excited about when it comes to Johnny manziel.

          • http://fanonfiresportswire.com/ Maurice Barksdale

            I respect your opinion as well, and I commend you for giving a clear and well thought out take on this, instead of just saying it’s “horrible”. The fact is no one knows for sure how things will turn out with Johnny Manziel until we see it play out before our eyes.

            There’s not a player in the draft that doesn’t have something negative about their games. But think about it, even with the questions you bring up about his game, how much worse could Manziel be at quarterback for the Browns than Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell were? For the Texans, Matt Schaub was terrible, and Case Keenum wasn’t much better. The Vikings, Matt Cassell, and Christian Ponder? The Jags Chad Henne. Do you see the point I’m making?

            You can tear Manziel’s game apart all day long, and he still ends up a more intriguing option than any of the quarterbacks I just mentioned. Steve Young the Jerry Rice both recently pointed out Manziel as the quarterback in this draft that jumps out to them the most. Primarily because Manziel’s game is similar to Young’s coming out of college.

            I’m not saying Manziel will be a hall of famer some day, but early in Steve Young’s career in the USFL and with Tampa Bay, he was far from the player he became with the 49er’s. So it’s not that I have a crush on Manziel, but don’t just take it from me, listen to hall of fame players like Young and Rice who also are impressed with Manziel. Chip Kelly recently gushed about him too. But it’s like I said we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. And again, thanks for your comments.

          • trinity

            He’s a very polarizing figure. I have heard hall of famers praise him, and I’ve heard some express doubt as well. I agree that there are other QBs that are worst options than him, like you just named. At the same time, I acknowledge that he’s nowhere near a sure thing like Andrew luck was. You’re right, nobody knows how things will shake out for him. Or bridgewater or bortles for that matter. All I’m saying is that all of these guys are being talked about as high picks. Manziel and bortles as top 10 picks. But my opinion is that they are all 2nd round talents, and there is a good chance some franchise is going to set themselves back by picking them. I don’t think there is a single standout QB in this draft, but I guess time will tell.

          • http://fanonfiresportswire.com/ Maurice Barksdale

            I think you’re selling the quarterbacks in this draft a little short. Especially compared to last years draft where EJ Manuel was the first QB taken and Geno Smith was the second. I agree with Charlie Casserly in that Manuel would have been about the eighth best QB in the 2014 Draft, and yet he was taken first last year. That’s saying something.

            Mike Glennon had a better rookie season than either Manuel or Smith, and I would take Manziel, Bortles, and Bridgewater before all of them. I like Bortles a lot, and Bridgewater is getting a raw deal. I also like quarterbacks who will go in the third round or later like AJ McCarron and Aaron Murray. A few of these guys will get better in an NFL system. Like Nick Foles did. He was no where near as good in college as he is in the NFL, and he was a third round pick like Glennon.

            As far as franchises setting themselves back, with the rookie wage scale it’s not really like that any more. No one is paying a quarterback $50 million any more like JaMarcus Russell got. So it’s not that big of a risk like it used to be. In order to get that first big contract, players have to perform at a high level.

          • trinity

            That is a great point about the rookie wage scale. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I do stand by my opinion that none of these guys are standout QBs though. The fact that there’re other quarterbacks on other drafts who may be worst than them doesn’t effect my opinion that they aren’t good options. That just means that there are people who suck worse lol. Not to say with absolute certainty that they will suck. Nobody can know that, and that was just a figure of speech. But what I’m saying is that I am not excited. We will see :)

          • http://fanonfiresportswire.com/ Maurice Barksdale

            It will be interesting to see what team does draft Manziel though. That will determine a lot in terms of his development. But thanks again for your feedback, this has been a very good debate.

          • trinity

            No problem, I enjoyed it as well :)