DeSean Jackson - How are Eagles fans reacting?

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DeSean Jackson

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Most Redskins fans seem to be very excited about DeSean Jackson becoming a Redskin.  But I was curious to see how Philadelphia Eagles fans feel about the DeSean Jackson situation, and what they think about him now being a Washington Redskin?

So Inside the Iggles editor Todd Duvall took the time to answer some questions on this issue and give the Eagles fan perspective.

1)  What do you think was the main reason the Philadelphia Eagles cut DeSean Jackson, money or something else?

It could have possibly been about money though I doubt it very seriously. released an article earlier this week stating Jackson was insubordinate to Chip Kelly, cussing him out on several occasions, throwing temper tantrums, etc. He pushed Kelly the way a child would test boundaries. It was also reported he never bought into Kelly’s Sports Science system when everyone else on the team did. I think he was a constant source of disruption to the whole team. Aside from that I, in no way believe they let him go because of “gang-ties.” I think that was a trumped up story by the media. There’s no evidence he was involved with gangs even though he associated with gang members. No way the Eagles would use unsubstantiated reports to make the decision to fire Jackson. He was a cancer in the locker room, pure and simple.

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