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DeSean Jackson has a chance to prove his critics wrong

In the wake of being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles, newly signed Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson was accused of having gang affiliations, and flashing gang signs while playing.  Rumors also surfaced of him having a poor work ethic and clashing with Eagles coaches during his time in Philly.

But Jackson responded to those accusations in an ESPN interview with Stephen A. Smith, by stating that he is not affiliated with a gang, and that he was not given an explanation by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly when Jackson was told he was being cut over the phone.

Whatever the reason may be, gang ties,his work ethic, or that the Eagles no longer wanted to pay him a huge salary, it’s clear that Many of his critics believe the rumors and accusations are true, and have questioned the judgement of the Washington Redskins for signing Jackson.

But regardless of what’s been said, and how often he denies it, the bottom line is that his actions will now do the talking for DeSean Jackson.  And those actions will be monitored with an intense degree of scrutiny by fans and the media moving forward.

Knowing how things tend to get leaked from the Redskins organization, it won’t be long before “reports” begin to emerge describing how Jackson is conducting himself in team meetings and in practice.  And his off the field action will be monitored as well from people looking to catch Jackson in situations with the wriong people.

Justified ir not, that’s how it’s going to be.  The question is how will DeSean Jackson respond through his actions?  He alluded to it himself, he’s now entering his 7th season in the NFL.  He’s not some wide-eyed rookie any more, he’s an experienced veteran who’s getting paid an awful lot of money.

And Jackson won’t just be expected to earn that money on the field, but off of it as well.  No many people have a second chacne to recover from the fall that Jackson took by being cut by the Eagles.  They didn’t think he was worth the trouble any longer, so they got rid of him thinking that he’s now somebody else’s problem.

But will these humbling experiences sink in as a lesson for DeSean Jackson?  Eventually the truth will be revealed.  Because moving forward it won’t matter what he says, because actions speak louder than words.  And DeSean Jackson’s action will either prove the critics right, or wrong.

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  • SactoSteve

    Innocent until proven guilty…except perhaps in Philadelphia.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      I think the Eagles probably had some legitimate concerns with DeSean Jackson’s attitude. But the question is, did they exhaust all avenues to get him on the right track, or did Chip Kelly just not want to deal with it? If Jackson can learn from this, he might become an even better play all around.

  • april walker

    Not only is DJ on the line here but QB, and CB are as well as was reported the QB went all in with this WR!! Hope it works out, I’m on board with him, all can happen is wait and see..I guess!! HTTR

    • Maurice Barksdale

      We know what Jackson can do on the field. He will definitely be making some plays for the Redskins in the passing game. But will he mature off the field? That’s what we’ll have to wait to see.

  • bk

    It’s nice to see a hard working, team first, player like deShauwn showing up for the voluntary workouts to start to learn the offense and get used to his new team… He could have wnet on vacation and sent photos out…. oh snap… what a douchebag.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      I’m quite sure his vacation was planned long before he knew he would be a Redskin. I think it’s completely understandable.

      • bk

        All I am saying is that this shows that he is NOT a team player and is
        out for himself. He quit on Philly over a contract, he dogs it during practice and workouts, and is a cancer on a team… WHy else would PHilly get rid of a guy with his talent? Racism? LOL… that’s about the only card you have not played yet.

        • Maurice Barksdale

          I think the Redskins understand why DeSean Jackson is on vacation and not at the workouts. That’s really all that matters. The rest of your criticism I have no argument with. That’s why I say that he has a chance to prove his critics wrong. But we’ll see what he does with that chance.