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2014 NFL Mock Draft – Vol. 9 – Post Super Bowl mock

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Second Round

Picks 64-49

2014 NFL Mock Draft

Yawin Smallwood, Connecticut, Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

64.  Seattle Seahawks -  Paul Richardson, WR – Colorado:

63.  Denver Broncos -  Yawin Smallwood, ILB – Connecticut:  

62New England Patriots - Troy Nicklas, TE – Notre Dame:

61.  San Francisco 49ers – Telvin Smith, S Florida State:  

60.  Carolina Panthers -  Pierre Desir, CB – Lindenwood: 

59. Indianapolis Colts  -  Luchiez Purifoy, CB Florida:

58.  New Orleans Saints -  Trevor Reilly, OLB – Utah:

57.  San Diego Chargers - Trent Murphy, OLB – Stanford:  

56.  San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City) – Jarvis Landry, WR LSU:  

55.  Cincinnati Bengals -  Kyle Fuller, CB – Virginia Tech:  

54.  Philadelphia Eagles -   Jordan Matthews, WR Vanderbilt:

53.  Green Bay Packers -  DaQuan Jones, DT – Penn State:

52.  Arizona Cardinals -  Jack Mewhort, OT – Ohio State:  

51.  Chicago Bears – Deone Bucannon, S - Washington State:

50.  Miami Dolphins –  Cyril Richardson, OG – Baylor:

49.  New York Jets – Ed Reynolds, S – Stanford:

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  • Pridenpoise

    It’s laughable that people actually think the Raiders would use their # 5 on a WR

    • Maurice Barksdale

      Why is it laughable? Who would you pick? Sammy Watkins is a legit top 5 prospect. I guarantee you the Raiders are looking at him very closely, and I doubt anyone in their organization is laughing at the thought of picking him.

      • Pridenpoise

        It’s laughable because they need OL OG DE a QB just to name a few, so I repeat it’s laughable that you or anyone else would think that they would take a WR with this pick, and your evaluation of who their organization is looking at is laughable. Stick to the Redskins, maybe you have some knowledge about them, you certainly don’t have any regarding Oakland.

        • Maurice Barksdale

          The Raiders also need a number one receiver, do they not? But I take it you consider Rod Streater as a top receiver in the NFL? The Raiders have many needs, but to suggest that receiver isn’t one of them is also laughable.

          • Pridenpoise

            Yes they do need a number one receiver, but without someone to throw to said receiver, or an offensive line to block for our non existent QB, with no pass rush to pressure other teams QB, talking a receiver with the 5th pick is ridiculous, as are you for arguing this point. Watkins is a great receiver, but he wouldn’t be a prudent pick with all of Oaklands other needs.

          • Maurice Barksdale

            OK, now we can get down to some real draft talk without all the insults. I can see your point now. If there’s a QB on the board when the Raiders pick, they’ll probably take him. But the top three QB’s might gone by the time the Raiders pick, so they may have to choose between an offensive lineman and Watkins. I don’t think it’s that obvious of a choice.

            And a lot can change between now and the draft. The stock of players could rise and fall. Plus, trades might come into play. Something that might seem ridiculous now, might become reality when the draft gets here.