Did the Redskins retain Jim Haslett to keep from Buying him out?

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Jim Haslett

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I think Jay Gruden should have brought in a new defensive coordinator, and given the defense a new voice and a new direction.  Because what if the Redskins spend millions of dollars bringing in free agents along with a few new position coaches, and Haslett’s defense still sucks again next season regardless of all that?

If it does suck, it won’t be Haslett answering why he was brought back after such mediocrity, it will be Jay Gruden.  Because it won’t look very good on Gruden if he has to fire Haslett during next season, when could have done it now.  By keeping Haslett, the expectation on defense has to be excellence, and I’m not talking 18th in the NFL good.  I mean a Top 10 defense.

Which is something Haslett hasn’t had since he’s been with Washington.  This is nothing personal against Jim Haslett, as I’m sure he’s a great guy.  But his defenses haven’t been great and that’s what he’s being judged on, his record.  The Redskins averaged 23rd on defense over Haslett’s four years.  For a franchise claiming they want to win championships, that shouldn’t be unacceptable.

And yet by keeping Haslett, it says the Redskins are accepting it.  And accepting Haslett’s excuses as to why things haven’t been better.  But no more excuses.  No more games where DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy are running through the Redskins defense like human video games.  No more being down 38-10 at halftime.

After fours years, Redskins fans shouldn’t have to tolerate more of Haslett’s process.  Fans should be able to expect an outstanding defense from the Redskins immediately.  So if Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen truly believe Jim Haslett can provide that, then the fans will support them on it.  But if cronyism and frugality are the reasons for Haslett staying on, then the Redskins performance on defense will be the proof of it.

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