Did the Redskins retain Jim Haslett to keep from Buying him out?

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Jay Gruden

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Although no official announcement has been made, it appears as though new Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden will be keeping Jim Haslett on as defensive coordinator.  Defensive position coaches with ties to Haslett have been hired, so one would assume that Haslett is spearheading the process.

My first assumption for the Redskins reasoning in keeping Haslett and other holdovers from Mike Shanahan’s staff around, is that they want to save money to keep from having to buy more contracts.   Now I would like to think the Redskins wouldn’t be so frugal as to compromise having a good defense to save money, but sometimes you never know.

And the second assumption is that Jim Haslett is cronies with the right people.  Because one could not assume that Haslett is being kept around based on the performance of his defense over the past four years.  So therefore there must be another reason.  Are the Redskins waiting for Haslett’s contract to expire before they hire a better defensive coordinator?  If so, then that’s a pathetic move.

I’m sure in Haslett’s mind the Redskins salary cap penalties hurt his ability to put a good defense on the field.  But it can’t just be about talent alone.  Yes, the Redskins will have cap space to bring in some free agents, but you can’t just go out and buy a defense.  The Redskins have tried throwing money at problems before, and it doesn’t work.

In many ways team chemistry and the ability of the coaching staff means more to winning than bringing in hired guns to correct a perceived lack of talent.  And how much better can new position coaches be under Haslett than the old ones?  I mean, some of them are coming from situations where they were no longer wanted, but the Redskins do?

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