Robert Griffin III couldn't lie low even if he wanted to

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Robert Griffin III

Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In light of his recent Facebook post many of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s critics are saying that he shouldn’t be bringing attention to himself.  That he should be lying low, and minimizing the coverage he gets from the media.  But those critics need to realize something, RGIII couldn’t lie low even if he tried to.

Why?  Because the media won’t allow it to happen.  Robert Griffin III could be sitting on a beach minding his own business, not doing anything to garner attention, and still get it.  And that’s exactly what happened, as during the Redskins coaching search, critics thought RGIII was involved in the process, but then it was reported he was on vacation and had nothing to do with it.

The fact is Robert Griffin III has to deal with more media scrutiny than the average player does.  Why is this?  I think there’s two reasons.

  1. RGIII was already a celebrity athlete before he really became a great professional player.
  2. In 2012 RGIII became an even bigger star than before because of his unbelievable rookie season.

And the media began to realize that merely mentioning his name drives up ratings and page views.  So what happens when the positive news about RGIII goes away?  The negative news replaces it.  Because Robert Griffin III is a media gold mine.  Even negative news on RGIII is a bigger deal than positive news about your average player.

And if there is no news about Robert Griffin III the media will create some.  Remember when RGIII talking to his father in the Redskins locker room became a headline?  And then you have the good old anonymous Redskins insiders, who can always be counted upon to leak private conversations with RGIII to an all too eager news media.

So now that things aren’t going his way, the media will criticize him.  But once he starts winning again, they’ll praise him.  You saw this happen with Cam Newton.  In 2012, they said Newton was immature, and wasn’t a leader.  But now the Panthers are winning, so they laud him for “being” a leader, and say how mature he is.  It will be the same for RGIII.


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