Should Jay Gruden Keep Jim Haslett as Defensive Coordinator?

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Would Raheem Morris be the answer?

Raheem Morris

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In 2004 – 05 Morris held the position of assistant defensive backs coach with the Bucs under Jon Gruden, then after a year at Kansas State, rejoined the Bucs as defensive backs coach and held that position for two years before being appointed head coach in 2009, and replacing Gruden.

In 2004, the Bucs’ defense ranked fifth overall in yards and first in pass defense. The following year it was first overall and sixth in passing. In his year’s absence, the vaunted Bucs D slipped to 17th (19th passing) but on his return improved to 2nd overall and first against the pass in 2007, and ninth and fourth in 2008, cementing his growing reputation as a pass defense wizard. His success helped him achieve his ambition of the top job in Tampa.

He was his own DC for the first two years in charge, but his apparent golden touch seemed to desert him however with his defense only achieving a highest ranking of 17th overall in his three years in charge.   Although the pass defense did manage a commendable seventh in 2010.

It got even worse when he appointed Keith Millard to DC in 2011, so when the defense ranked 30th overall and 32nd in points conceded, along with an overall win-loss record of 17-31, a parting of the ways was inevitable.  Mike Shanahan must have remembered the success Morris had as a DB coach however and appointed him to that position with the Redskins in 2012.

But with rankings of 30th last year and 20th this year in pass defense, he has not been able to repeat his success at Tampa. Pass defense is not just down to the position coach however and is a combination of many factors such as pass rush, individual coverage skills, the system, play calling and personnel.

Part 3 – Should either Haslett or Morris be up for the job?  cont.

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