Robert Griffin III - Mr. Anonymous Source strikes again

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Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It never fails.  Every other week a report comes out citing Redskins anonymous sources or insiders telling a reporter something that somebody else supposedly said to them, or some conversation they overheard.  Previously it was ESPN reporting what team insiders had to say about Mike Shanahan.  This time it’s the Washington Post reporting insiders claims about quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Sally Jenkins writes that according to insiders, “Behind closed doors, Griffin had fierce finger-pointing tensions with his wide receivers, and he bragged to teammates that he could procure favors from the owner and influence the franchise’s direction”.  And I’ll continue to ask the question, is second-hand information really worth reporting?

Somebody tells another person something that someone else may or may not have said, and it get’s reported as fact without it being corroborated.  But why write reports based on gossip and he said / she said?  And I’m sure there were multiple sources who confirmed these allegations, but not one of them willing to put their names behind the words.

I wish these so-called insiders would come to me with this information, because they’d be informed up front that their names would be published along with their quote.  However, some out there like to pretend these “insiders” are like Deep Throat from the Watergate Scandal, and treat these claims like some kind of national conspiracy.

And I seriously doubt the Redskins were the only team that had fierce finger-pointing going on behind closed doors.  I mean really, you would think the other 31 teams around the league were all sunshine and roses behind the scenes.  But we all know that’s not really the case don’t we?


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