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Robert Griffin III won't be hand picking the Redskins head coach

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted a quote by Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins about the Redskins head coaching search, with Cousins stating “I’m sure Mr. Snyder and Robert and those people will have a lot of input as to who the hire is.”  But I’m not sure why Cousins is so “sure” that Robert Griffin III will have a lot of input in this decision.

I seriously doubt anyone in the know said anything to him about it, and if Cousins is making an assumption, then he should be careful what he assumes.  Because already the media is running wild with this, which is pretty much the reaction anything regarding RGIII seems to have.  And honestly I don’t think Kirk Cousins really has a clue of what he’s talking about.

Now the bottom line is, whoever the new head coach is, I’m sure the Redskins want to make sure that there is a good vibe between that person and the starting quarterback of the team.  Especially considering how the relationship between the former head coach Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III deteriorated over the course of two seasons.

However, I seriously doubt that RGIII would over step his bounds and try to insert himself into this process, and I doubt the Redskins would have him actively involved in it.  There is already a perception that Griffin has more power than he should have within the organization.  And I don’t think the Redskins want to do anything to feed into that, or create the perception that the new head coach answers to Griffin.

All this is, was a hypothetical assumption by Cousins that shouldn’t be taken seriously.  But like I said, anytime the media has an opportunity to add more fuel to the dramatic fire that is the Washington Redskins, they will be happy to oblige.  But Cousins should be more careful in how he chooses his words.  Because anything the Redskins say, can and will be used against the them.

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  • Carpe_Jvgvlvm

    Why start something where there isn’t a problem though? Cousins had an OPINION. A good one (duh of COURSE RG3 will have a say at some point; he’s the franchise guy). It’s not a big deal at all for Cousins to say he’s sure Snyder AND RG3 will vet some head coaches; they’ve got to find someone RG3 can play up his best talents with.

    You know, at times I think you couldn’t PAY a good coach enough to come into this organization. Press like this isn’t bad; it’s TRUE. People pretending like it’s not true, like this post, just makes the organization look like it’s in even WORSE shape, ready to implode.

    Yes, RG3 will vet the guy, probably the contract (so they don’t get locked in); Snyder’s got bank on RG3 and will want to give him every opportunity to succeed. That comes with the job: knowing you’ve got to work with the qb. It SUCKS, look at Dallas and [formerly, at least] Romo. JJones made it clear, if you can’t work with Romo and say good stuff, you need not apply. (I think it’s sad, but that’s how it is.) Kirk Cousins can HAVE an opinion or this team’s in worse trouble than it looks.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      This is my point. You say what Cousins said is TRUE. But you have no way of knowing that. Which is why Cousins should keep his mouth shut in regards to such matters. Because if it isn’t true, then Cousins has done nothing but hurt the Redskins chances at landing a good coach. And people with an agenda against the Redskins don’t need the truth, all they need is someone’s opinion to validate theirs.
      And it’s like I said, of course the Redskins will make sure the new coach is a good fit for RGIII, why wouldn’t they? But that doesn’t mean that RGIII will have the same kind of input into the process as the owner of the team would. Such an assertion is ridiculous. And the only person for the Redskins who should be commenting on the head coaching search is the general manager Bruce Allen, and certainly not the backup QB.

      • Wizards

        I agree 100%. If Robert made a gaffe like that, it would have been a media S-storm. Cousins is the back up and shouldn’t be saying anything.

        • Maurice Barksdale

          I don’t think Cousins really meant any harm. But he needs to have better grasp of the context of what he’s saying. He may thought it was nothing at the time, but Adam Schefter and ESPN are looking for anything news worthy to report on 24/7. Especially about the Redskins. So even a small quote can suddenly go viral, and I’m sure Cousins has been reminded of that.