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To succeed as Redskins Head Coach it will take a Special Individual

Already you’re seeing stories of candidates being afraid of the Washington Redskins head coaching job.  A perception I think former head coach Mike Shanahan wanted to create on his way out the door.  The perception that there will be a meddling owner in Daniel Snyder who will interfere and cause problems for the new coach.

Shanahan wants people to believe that the losing wasn’t on him.  That he lost because of Daniel Snyder.  But Mike Shanahan was no longer the coach he once was by the time he came to the Redskins.  So his failure is on him.  But where he failed, a stronger individual might succeed.  It all depends on the person.

If you are the kind of prospective head coach who wants to walk into a perfect situation, then the Washington Redskins are not for you.  The burden of responsibility for the Redskins head coach is heavy.  This isn’t your typical franchise.  For one, it’s in the political capital of the world, Washington D.C., so that in and of itself brings a certain amount of pressure.

The winning history and hall of fame pedigree of the franchise brings even more pressure.  And it seems that having Daniel Snyder as your owner could present a catch-22.  On one hand you have an owner who will do whatever it takes to win, as money hasn’t been an issue for Snyder.  However, he has been known for having personal relationships with players.

Or one player in particular, quarterback Robert Griffin III.  It was reported that Snyder showed RGIII favoritism, and caused friction with the rest of the team, and for Shanahan.  None of this has been substantiated, but once something like that gets leaked, it may as well be true.  As Snyder has not publicly denied the accusation.

But to me if a candidate for the job is afraid of dealing with Daniel Snyder, then I say that person isn’t strong enough to be a head coach any way.  You want a coach who will accept a challenge, not a coach who is afraid one.  Because there will be challenges beyond Dan Snyder that could pop up at any time.

The Redskins need someone who knows how to deal with strong personalities, and get results with them.  A person who won’t shy away from difficult situations, but who embraces and handles them.  Situations beyond just simple X’s and O’s.  However, there aren’t a whole lot of people out there like that.  But to be the head coach of this team, the Redskins need to find one.

Redskins looking for a coach with a “Fire in the Belly”

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  • Richard Porter

    That’s why Shanahan should have been given one more year you have to pay him anyway and at the very least you could have built up some credibility in the patience department.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      There’s no way Shanahan could have been brought back. First of all he didn’t want to be there, if you believe that he wanted quit in 2012. And if he was the source of that leak, that means he was trying to get fired. And with three losing seasons out of four, there’s no justification for it.

      And as for patience, Shanahan’s $7 million salary makes any more patience impossible. You can’t pay a coach that much money and tolerate losing.

      • Richard Porter

        It’s funny to me that when we were 10-6 and division champs all was right with the world. So i guess 2012 was a fluke? Shanahan was right to lay out his reasons for failure, in my opinion the $136m Haynesworth debacle did more to hamper this teams growth than Shanny and son could ever do. Let me educate you for a second, Rare is the picture of Jack Kent Cook in any media pic other than when picking up trophies and when he picked them up in that pick it was a pick with him and Joe G. Now we have to either have to pay big and i mean bigger than Shanny or cross our fingers that we won’t hire another mistake at HC. At least if Shanny was brought back it would indicate at least Snyder learned patience no one wants to come coach this team right now.

        • Maurice Barksdale

          Richard, Mike Shanahan wanted to quit last season. If the Redskins hadn’t gone on a seven game winning streak last season, Shanahan would have been fired or would have quit then. If you believe the ESPN report that was allegedly leaked by Shanahan, if RGIII hadn’t torn his ACL he would have quit even after the 10-6 season.
          And I’m not buying that Daniel Snyder caused Mike Shanahan to fail. Shanahan is no longer a good head coach, and no longer had the desire to be the head coach of the Washington Redskins. What’s the point of keeping him around. And granted Snyder may not be the best owner to work for, but do you really believe that Mike Shanahan had no hand whatsoever in his own demise? That he was simply a victim of Snyder?