NFL Coaching Hot Seat - Week 15

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What NFL head coaches are on the Hot Seat?  Here are the Riggo’s Rag – NFL Coaching Hot Seat Rankings – Week 15.

NFL Coaching Hot Seat

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Gary Kubiak (Houston Texans) – (2-11)  FIRED LW

9.  Mike Smith (Atlanta Falcons) – (4-10)  I don’t think Smith should be on the NFL Coaching Hot Seat, but the record dictates that he is.  Although GM Thomas Dimitroff deserves more blame than smith for the Falcons thin roster.  LW # 9

8.  Rex Ryan (New York Jets) – (6-8)  Rex Ryan’s Jets lost a tough one on the road to the Panthers in week 15.  This weeks game at home against the Browns is a must win.  As the Jets finish the season on the road against the Dolphins.  LW # 8

7.  Gus Bradley (Jacksonville Jaguars) – (4-10)  The Jaguars have won three out of their last five games, and if Bradley can win at least one more game, I think he’ll be safely off the hot seat.  LW # 6

6.  Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys) – (7-7)  The Cowboys blew what seemed like an easy win in the second half to the Green Bay Packers at home.  Garrett has to find a way to beat the struggling Redskins on the road, because a loss might result in the end of his tenure as Cowboys head coach.  The Cowboys need to make the payoffs for Garrett to get off the Hot Seat. LW # 7

5.  Greg Schiano – (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – (4-10)  The Buccaneers have won three of their last five games, and remain competitive in the second half of the season.  However, with games against the Rams and the Saints to finish the season, Schiano might not get another win. LW # 5

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