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Robert Griffin III is simply Honest to a Fault

Sometimes the truth hurts.  The truth can be salacious, and it can be controversial.  But in the case of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, telling the truth at times doesn’t seem worth all the trouble it brings him.  Primarily because nearly every word he says, can and will be turned into headline news.

Many equate RGIII’s honesty with arrogance.  Because in today’s NFL honesty is the exception and not the rule.  That’s why true honesty from a player or coach tends to catch people off guard.  And instead of valuing the honesty for what it is, people start to believe that being vague or untruthful is the right thing, and honesty is the wrong thing.

Robert Griffin III

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When a team performs badly, as a team member you can’t acknowledge it, for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.  You say something along the lines of “We’re not as good as we’d hoped to be”, or “We need to work harder”, or “We need to get better”.

A kind of generic nonsense,  anything besides being construed as calling out a teammate or a coach.  You see instead of calling attention to what a teammate did wrong, the proper etiquette is to blame yourself, even if you don’t deserve it.

But Robert Griffin III is the type of person who will answer a question truthfully to the best of his ability.  Even if it rubs people the wrong way.  It’s just how he’s wired.  Where as many in the NFL have become masters of saying what I like to call “a whole bunch of nothing”, Robert Griffin III seems to have a hard time doing that.

Is RGIII arrogant?  Yes, but I think the really good NFL quarterbacks do have a certain arrogance to them.  It’s part of what makes them good at what they do.  But after the game is where you have to turn the arrogance off.  Because even the perception of arrogance in a press conference can cause some people to paint you as a villain.

I don’t think Robert Griffin III is a villain.  I just think he’s a bit naïve when it comes to dealing with the media.  The media claims they want honest answers, but when you give them honest answers, they use your honesty against you.  So unfortunately, for the sake of team chemistry, I think it’s time for RGIII to stop being honest, and start saying a whole bunch of nothing.

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  • Alexander Spence

    I agree. I hear it all the time from friends and colleges at work that he needs to step up and do more, but it’s not all on him by a long shot. He can’t go through his reads if he’s running for his life every play, and he can’t complete a pass whilst laying on his back

    • Maurice Barksdale

      Yes, pass protection has been an issue, but the Redskins offense has become much too simple for the NFL. They weren’t able to upgrade it in the offseason due to RGIII’s injury and the rest of the league caught up to it. What’s your take on that Alexander?

      • Alexander Spence

        I agree, but that’s not all on Robert. I mean, he couldn’t help that the turf was in such terrible condition and his knee buckled, setting the team back a year and hindering his progress and development. But shanahan needs to shoulder some of the blame too. We have to remember, this is the guy who was gonna put his coaching resume on John Beck and Rex Grossman, I think that if he comes back next year he needs to do a better job of play calling and get better personnel

  • becky good

    How is it “honesty” when he can’t blame himself after games when he plays horribly but blames it on the play calling or on his receivers? Other QBs will say they have to play better, or that they had bad games, but RGIII, never.

    • Maurice Barksdale

      If you’re referring to the Eagles game when he said they knew what the Redskins were doing on offense? Was that not the truth? RGIII more than likely shouldn’t have said that, and I think he’s learned from it, but I think that was a accurate statement.

      When he said nobody got open, that was true as well. That’s one of the weaknesses of the Redskins offense, in that the receivers rarely know how to find the open areas in the secondary. Jordan Reed is probably the best one on the team at doing that, but he’s been injured.

      And RGIII did say he was trying to throw the ball away, and he didn’t get enough on it, so he owned up to that, he just didn’t take responsibility for the loss. But I don’t know that the loss his fault. I mean the Team was down 24-0 in the third quarter.

      But you make a valid point, and I think RGIII will learn from this.