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Week 6 Power Rankings: Texans vs. 49ers Superbowl Looking Like a Lock

The elite teams continue to solidify their spots.  No, the Texans will not go undefeated, and sure their will be some shifting in the top five spots, but after five weeks, don’t look for these teams to fall off of a cliff without some key injury that cannot be anticipated.  The Redskins have fallen another three spots, but are far from out.  Games, like the one coming up Sunday are looking like they will influence tie breakers.  Also with a victory over an impressive Minnesota team, the Redskins can jump pretty far in a muddled middle where teams 12-22 could fluctuate fervently.  Just as the Vikings.  Ponder keeps playing well, and at 4-1, including a victory over the number two ranked 49ers, finally has me a believer and the team jumped eight spots to No. 9.  It’s also become evident that this is not the same Packers team we saw last year as they fall six spots to No. 12.

Rank Team  Record  Last Week Comment
1  Texans  5-0  1  The Texans played a conservative second half, and played well enough to win on the road on MNF, but they must be concerned about Cushing’s injury.
2  49ers  4-1  2  Sine the loss in Minnesota, have won 79-3.  Do you think they took that loss personally?
3  Falcons  5-0  3  If they weren’t taken seriously before, winning a tight game on the road and highlighting Tony G. as a legitimate threat will.
4  Ravens  4-1  4  The Ravens might have taken their past two oppennents (combined (1-9)) lightly, but if it happens again at home against Dallas, they won’t win.
5  Patriots  3-2  5  What happened to the rumors that Wes “Ferret” Welker was going to be replaced in New England?
6  Bears  4-1  7  What do you do when some say your offense is under-performing?  You tell your defense to start putting up points!
7  Giants  3-2  9  I’m sure whatever Tom Coughlin said on the sideline after trailing by 14 in the first quarter wasn’t pleasant, but boy did it work.
8  Seahawks  3-2  12  Will the real Seahawks please stand up?  If not, the visiting Patriots will make you look bad.
9  Vikings  4-1  17  I’m going to keep praising Ponder, until the rest of the media speaks up and realizes they made a mistake for bad mouthing Minnesota for taking him in the first round last year.
10  Steelers  2-2  13  That is the definition of an ugly win.  But at what price if Palomalu is hurt again.
11  Broncos  2-3  8  Maybe it wasn’t Tebow.  You have to start asking yourself if John Fox doesn’t prepare his team for the first three quarters of the game.
12  Packers  2-3  6  The Packers sure know how to play offense for about 20 minutes per game.
13  Cardinals  4-1  10  Last week: “How far can a defense take you?” Answer: Not very far on a consistent basis on the road if you can’t protect your own quarterback.
14  Eagles  2-3  11  At what point does the Philly fan base start taking out ads to replace Micheal Vick?  Too many turnovers for a talented team.
15  Cowboys  2-2  16  Did Dez Bryant take the week off to learn what a hot route is?
16  Bengals  3-2  15  The Bengals loss didn’t look bad as it’s twin so we flip flopped them this week.
17  Chargers  3-2  14  The only time the Charges faced a team with more than one win they got blown out at home.  The nation will see how good this Charges team really is this week on MNF.
18  Rams  3-2  20  Just when it looked like this down and out franchise was starting to turn things around they lose Amendola for six weeks.
19  Saints  1-4  21  The Saints finally figured out how to play a little bit of defense in the 4th quarter and go figure, they won!
20  Colts  2-2  26  Is there any doubt that Luck has turned this team around?  Already three late game drives to take the lead in four games.
21  Redskins  2-3  18  RG3 has taken too many collisions, and if he doesn’t miss this week, we hope it was just a strong warning to limit the hard hits on Griffin.
22  Dolphins  2-3  28  The solution to not being able to win in overtime?  Win in regulation!
23  Buccaneers  1-3  19  Forget the NFC South.  If this teams offense doesn’t wake up soon, they can start looking at mock drafts by Halloween.
24  Chiefs  1-4  22  With public enemy number one down and out, did Eric Winston just take the target off of GM Pioli and Crennel and put it squarely on his chest?
25  Lions  1-3  23  Hmmmm Megatron is on the cover of Madden and the team starts 1-3.  It’s almost as if there might be some sort of curse related.
26  Jets  2-3  27  Sanchez got some time and didn’t look horrible.  If this team could find a running game, they could make some noise in the wildcard race.
27  Panthers  1-4  25  Cam Newton needs to stop feeling sorry for himself, and realize the QB position is one for a true leader, not a front runner.  Because at 1-4, there isn’t much room for a front runner.
28  Bills  2-3  24  After six quarters of horrific football, at least the Bills can’t possibly get blown out in Arizona.
29  Raiders  1-3  30  The bottom four teams should be thankful there isn’t relegation in the NFL, or else next year they would be in the CFL.
30  Browns  0-5  29  The good feelings they Browns had been putting together by playing close games against tough teams just went out the window with that poor showing in New York.
31  Titans  1-4  31  Now can we say that throwing your offensive linemen under the bus is a bad idea?  C. Johnson has broken 25 yards just once this year.  That’s for a game, not a single attempt.
32  Jaguars  1-4  32  Now do the trade talks start?  MJD must be wondering what it must be like to be a superstar in the NBA.  The Jets are starving for a running game….just saying.

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