RGIII: Keeping Score

1 For 1 So far. The past week or so was the beginning of what’s probably to come throughout Robert Griffin III’s career here in the Nation’s Capital. Someone trying to pick at him for a couple of duckets. I’m sure judging by how things blew over, he probably took notes from the chick at the W Hotel Restaurant when Fat Albert came in for dinner one night.

Yes, it’s already begun. Still no word of an inked deal with Dan Snyder yet. But of course we already know about the Adidas deal… and of course there’s other endorsements (including Subway and others). Someone is already after Griff’s pot-o-gold. Some town idiot who he went to school with fabricates a story to get money out of the guy, after he makes it big.

[Town Idiot (n.) - A person known in some circles to make a complete buffoon out of him/herself amongst others and is known to do so on a repeated basis.]

Consequently, this T.I. was also seen on Judge Judy a few years ago trying to wiggle money out of someone else. The storyline was, she lost her chihuahua, he “found” it, paid for medical treatment for the dog for one price, took her to court for the amount of the treatment (plus additional money). I use the term “found” very loosely, because he knew this girl for four months before the incident. (You “found” her dog, huh? Yeah, okay buddy.)

Sure this kind of stuff happens all the time all over the place. But being the Nation’s Capital already puts anyone on a pro team in a demographic that demands national attention. What would probably get blown over by other news stories in other cities becomes nation wide news when it happens here.

Albert Haynesworth sexually harassed a waitress at a local restaurant here in DC, it was a national story that the entire country followed. Same thing happened when he punched out a motorist in road rage. If this had happened in Tennessee, it would have probably made a small section of the post and no one in California would have even cared.

Clinton Portis dresses up as Southeast Jerome at a press meeting at Redskins Park, and all of America is following the stories to see who he becomes week after week. Someone would have assumed it was some sort of charity stunt or something had it happened in his hometown of Laurel, MS.

Bryce Harper hadn’t been brought up from the minors yet. Of course this only really concerned the Nationals. But the whole country was watching when they finally let him play. If this was going on in Omaha, NE or somewhere, it would have just been considered some kid in the minors that wasn’t ready for the MLB.

No one would care about who Alex Ovechkin’s latest girlfriend is if he was back in Russia or in some other smaller demographic in the United States. But because he plays for the Washington Capitals, it automatically becomes a B.F.D.

Rod Strickland seems to have had terrible eating (and drinking) habits for quite some time. But no one would have paid attention if he were only throwing up in games at DePaul or some other smaller scale area. But because he was wearing a Bullets uniform when his stomach let go of the hot dog, pizza and soda he had before the game, everyone wants to know why he’s had the same pre-game meal for so many years.

In the end of it all, no matter what RGIII will do… whatever socks he decides to wear… if he decides fully to get dreadlocks vs the twists/braids he currently has… The whole country will be watching. Not to mention other parts of the world. It’s true everyone was already watching because this was going on at Baylor. But this fall he puts on the Burgandy and Gold and steps on the field as a Washington Redskin.

That’s a big difference from a small school in Waco, TX.


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