"Dear Kyle..." A Letter to the Redskins O.C. -- Camp Decisions

“Dear Kyle,

Read the news today… never thought you’d change your mind about me. At least not that quickly. I mean geez, I haven’t even started coming to OTAs yet so you can see how I look out there! And I lose my job? I mean what did I do?!

I always have your back, I love your plays — I learned them all, honest!

I mean is it my arm? The special connection I had with Gaff? (No homo) I can spread the passes around! Remember that one game where Hank had over 100 yds?? Or all the games that got Freddie D over 800 yds before he got suspended. And what about my homeboy Cooooooooley?! Well, besides that injury vs. Philly, I mean he’s great! Sure I may have led him right in Asomugha’s path, but it was an accident for cryin’ out loud!

Ok, so I can work on the picks… yeah I had 20 of them last year. That’s no good for anyone, but mistakes happen. You and I both know I was goin’ with my gut on every one of those passes. While we’re on my gut, I really hope this wasn’t a weight issue. Everyone knows that I really dropped off in weight after I got sick. So much for Hefty Rexy. And I still kept you guys in games! I mean, even ‘Tana vouched for me last year. How much more respect can you get from the Wideout Corps?!! And what about that monster bomb to AAA last year in Seattle?! Maybe you didn’t feel the magic on that one, because this is the thanks I get.

The John Beck experiment lasted long… as long as I had pneumonia! I came back from the hospital and was ballin outta control fresh from intravenous treatment! And you decide to move me, Sexy Rexy, a nine year vet, back on the depth chart behind a scrawny little college kid who never even played in a pro style offense?!! I led Da Bears to a Super Bowl for Pete’s sake! What’s next, Cousins will be named #2? SMDH.

You know Kyle, we go back. Way back. Like ping pong balls and 16 oz red cups. I’m just mad as beans right now. I hope you can understand. I don’t want to end our friendship, I just needed to vent because I’m very, very hurt right now.

I just hope at some point I can win back your trust as the guy at the top of the depth chart.

Your #1 #2 QB (I hope),


P.S. – Is this your father’s idea? We both know he can be as brash as he is stubborn. If he’s the reason behind this, then kindly retract this letter from the record.”


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