August 12, 2011; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams during the first half of a preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers at the Louisiana Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Second Chances


Allstate gives people second chances on their car insurance… they call it “accident forgiveness.”

Kids try to get second chances in games they play with their friends… they call it a “do-over.”

Chris Brown got a second chance with Rihanna… while I call it stupid, they call it “starting over.”

But what about Roger Goodell?

He came out a few years ago and said he believes “everyone deserves a second chance,” referring to Michael Vick. But will he say the same about Gregg Williams? Some people may argue that their situations aren’t that different. In a way, I can see how that’s understandable. In another light, I can also see that they’re quite far apart.

Vick viciously tourmented animals for profit. Yes, Vick had PETA and many other animal lovers on his bad side, boycotting the games that he played in, even going so far in some cases to boycott the games of the team(s) he played for, regardless if he was suiting up. He had all this going on at his home in Virginia… even going so far to build a kennel to house the dogs that were fighting. It IS pretty extensive. But Goodell gave him a second chance.

Williams paid players under the table for dirty play. He was even so bold to boast his tactics in front of a video camera rolling from a reporter doing a documentary, while he was flashing the bounty gang signs and all. While I’m positive its pretty common for defensive players to target the known injuries of their opponents, it’s pretty damning when you’re caught on tape instructing your team to concuss another player (something clearly against the rules, and to the point where players are receiving steep fines for it).

But will Goodell give him a second chance?

Vick affected animals, and people who fight for animal rights (and many others). In reality though, the number of people turning in their Falcons or Eagles tickets were quickly replaced by people dying to get a seat in those stadiums. No one else on his team went down with him. No one else in the league went down with him. So in hindsight, financially, Goodell isn’t really affected too much.

Williams, on the other hand, has endorsed something that affects the health of the league’s prized millionaires. The guys paid to put butts in the seats of the 32 stadiums nationwide. It’s enabling outright defiance of rules put in place to keep players from getting seriously or permanently injured in their line of work. It could potentially effect the ability of a team to win or lose, from the mere fact that a player could be knocked out of play indefinitely (or for good)… it could also mean a player or group of players could be suspended for their reckless play.

Losing the tokens that keeps the game going effects the pockets of every team in the NFL in one way or another… a multi-billion dollar industry. While in some ways it could be a positive effect, other ways its negative. A couple guys get suspended for a illegal hit in a game means another team could have an easier job against that position the following week. It could also mean that a player could lose his job, or an ability to use a normal body function/activity because of a serious injury that could possibly cause him to retire. More importantly to Goodell, it effects the fans’ decision on whether or not to go to a game… or to even watch it on TV. It effects if someone will buy a guy’s jersey from their team store or let it get dwindled down to some ungodly low clearance price before sending them to a third world country to people who need clothes.

Be that as it may, its hard to believe Gregg Williams will have a job in the NFL again. Heck, whoever would be bold enough to hire him would have to be prepared to have every personal foul against their defense investigated for the remainder of his career as defensive coordinator. I don’t think any team would want to draw that sort of negative attention to their locker room.

Peace out, Gregg… it’s been real.

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