Glasses vs Lasik: does Manning work for the Redskins?

Peyton and Cooper Manning

I wear glasses (and/or contacts, depending on where I’m going or what I’m doing). I didn’t start wearing them on a regular basis until about a few years ago when I took jobs that required me to sit behind a computer every day. I never thought about getting lasik, because my eyes aren’t that bad. I only have a -1.5 contact prescription. Nothing too serious. So getting surgery that lasts about 10 years isn’t in my radar, I’ll just rock the frames or contacts. No big deal. Still winning.

Now if I had the prescription of say, my younger brother, who is about 3x as bad as me, then I would probably call a doctor for that decade long solution. It’d be worth it then. Makes sense, right?

If that is simple enough to understand, then what I don’t get is the people who want to lobby for Shanford and Son to bring in Peyton Manning (and possibly Jeff Saturday who contemplated retirement already this season). Manning is owed $28 Million 3 days before free agency starts. So whoever trades for him better have deep pockets. On top of all that, the real question is, how much time does he have left? Because if it’s only for a year (two if they’re really lucky), he just seems like a really expensive band-aid.

Another scenario: They get him to come to DC, and can’t beef up the line because they owe him so much money. What if he takes a hit that ends his career for real and he ends up going to Canton in a wheelchair? Does neck/spine injuries run in this family? His other brother Cooper Manning who also played football ended up in a wheelchair for a while from spinal stenosis. If something like that were to happen, the Skins would be right back where they started… looking for a franchise quarterback. Maybe worse off, if you consider how much money you’d be giving up in the process. Plus, if he goes down, and this team has another dismal record at the end of the year, how will Mike Shanahan explain himself to Dan Snyder? So that means a new coach and new system… again.

Bringing him here seems more like a setback to me. Especially when this team has other needs. They definitely need more depth on the offensive line. Ask the last 10 years of quarterbacks in the burgundy and gold. They need to find a buddy for LaRon Landry in case Dirty 30 isn’t 100% next season, there’s a huge void at strong safety. They need a shut down corner. They have a playmaker, and solid guys. But no one to blanket someone and take them out of the equation. They could use another backup quarterback. I don’t see Beck coming back. They may even need a kicker, after Graham Gano fractured a couple of bones in his back during the last game of the season. Sheesh.

So if I were in the Redskins front office, I’m not looking for a new set of glasses or some fancy contact lenses. I want the long term solution. Enough with the patching. My skin can’t take any more bandages. We’ve tried that several times before, and it hasn’t worked. Since we’re “rebuilding” (and I use that term both literally and figuratively), I want the lasik. It will last longer.


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