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For the last twenty years, we Redskin fans have endured a lot of pain and suffering. As much as it hurt when the Cowboys kicked the game winning field goal on Sunday, things have been much worse.

Since our last Super Bowl, we have watched ownership waste high draft picks on guys like Heath Shuler, Reggie Brooks, Rod Gardner, Patrick Ramsey, and Malcolm Kelly. The last two drafts, however, have been a little more promising, bringing in talent like Ryan Kerrigan, Leonard Hankerson, Trent Williams, Perry Riley, and Roy Helu. While we aren’t winning lately, these young players are gaining valuable playing time, and showing signs of becoming stars in the NFL. It really is very promising to see a modern-day Washington Redskins team being built through the draft!

A lot of fans are in a hurry to end the Shanahan era. Not so fast! We need to give him time to get the players he needs to fit his system. Shanahan, along with Bruce Allen, has found players who understand the scheme, like Jabar Gaffney and Tim Hightower. Aside from the McNabb debacle, there hasn’t been the high-priced free agent bust we had grown accustomed to before he arrived. It’s inevitable that Shanny will be drafting a quarterback early in the next draft, and with guys like Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Matt Barkley, and Case Keenum coming available, our future looks bright. Much brighter than it did when Steve Spurrier put the ball in the hands of Danny Wuerffel on Thanksgiving Day, or when Terry Robiskie was on the sideline watching Jeff George get dragged across the field by his head at Texas Stadium. Those were much darker days with no hope in sight.

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