Dear Kyle... a letter to the Redskins O.C. part trois

“Dear Kyle,

(Sigh). I really tried out there today, buddy. I mean, I really, really, tried!! Only one pick! I wish I could have it back, but I felt like I really laid it all out there this afternoon. And it still wasn’t enough. Man, this sucks! Our receivers stepped up big time today despite the injuries and all, and we still lost. I ran a touchdown in and we still lost. I passed for nearly 300 yards and we still LOST. Notice a trend here??

I felt our defense played well. At least the front seven. Boy it just seems like once people get past Ryan and Brian (hey, that rhymes), they can do whatever they want. Do you think Has will talk to Bruce about drafting a shut down guy (or two)? They just seem really lost out there and they give up a bunch of yards and they cause everyone else on defense to make other adjustments that seems detrimental to the team.

I know Graham choked today but boy, what’s with DeAngelo? He had a really horrible game. He couldn’t cover up a lie! Then his comments were pretty scary after the game (a lot worse than mine after the four picks against Philly). The last guy that was here last year who said his play stunk and he should be cut was released the next morning. o_O

But I digress. There were some really great bright spots out there today. How bout that Saverio Rocca!! He’s just outstanding whether kicking or making a tackle (I heard back in Australia he was also a place kicker… think we could try him out?). And that Kerrigan kid is unbelievable! It’s a really good thing he decided to stick with football and to leave swimming behind. I hear he has a really mean butterfly. He and Phelps should race in the offseason. Ha!!

Our receivers, boy they really stepped up. Donte and Jabar… wow. They made some real veteran receptions today. I do have one question on offense… remember last letter how I said we should use Roy a lot more on offense? Well, I’m kinda sorta suggesting it again because it would be easier for ATV to buy a vowel than a hole. He’s really struggling right now and you said you’d put the guys out there who give us the best chance to win. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not challenging your authority! And two thumbs up to the best offensive coordinator in the NFL for calling a great game today! You get a Grossman Gold Star!!

Sooooo, what happens with Trent? Gonna need someone on my blind side. I don’t like to work on the run! Although that draw play earlier was pretty sweet if I do say so myself… But back to Trent, man, I’m a little afraid now. Do you think you’ll be drafting some more offensive line guys? Not saying that picking up these guys off the street is a bad idea, but maybe growing a group of guys together works a little better. Kinda like how Joe 1.0 built The Hogs. Again, not questioning your authority, just suggesting! (smile)

Well, I’m gonna get some rest. We’ve got long week ahead of us to build up a good game plan for Seattle. I am completely confident that me and you can get this done. Hail to the Rexskins Redskins!!!


Rex (So what if I’ve still got moobs, Sexy Rexy is back, baby!!!!)

P.S. – If DeAngelo is gone in the morning, can I have his locker? It’s closer to the air conditioning vents… Thanks buddy!”


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