Devin who...???

A ONESIE DEVIN!?!?!?!? REALLY!?!?!?!?

I STILL do not understand why I am spending valuable life talking about such a non factor, but a conversation with a very ………… confused Devin Thomas supporter got me fired up about bringing to light why I believe Devin Thomas should give up football and go live in the Playboy mansion or something. By no means did I ever say that Devin could not play the game…he is a professional; not a very good one; but a professional athlete. My point is given the OPPORTUNITIES he had, Devin did not take advantage of them sufficiently enough to keep his job in Washington or Carolina. I have a few reasons why I think so…BUCKLE UP!!

1. Google search: Devin Thomas…click on images…If I didnt know who he was and someone asked me who do I think he is? I’d say,”He’s a model dude that probably has the same name as or related to a football player.” Looks as if he took advantage of EVERY modeling OPPORTUNITY he got. Maybe thats why he couldn’t focus on running routes well enough to get open. Maybe thats why when the Skins drafted a WR in the 2nd round in DESPERATE need for a #2 option he could only salvage 15 catches for 120 yards? Maybe thats why he couldnt realize that he was letting his BURGUNDY & GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY slip away? Here’s a few facts…If you are a good WR, you can find a way to get open and you gain confidence in your QB. Devin Thomas in his career since 2008 has 40 receptions 445 yards…doesn’t impress me! When asked who his hero was…he replied, AND I QUOTE,”My hero is:
Myself. I look at myself like a superhero. More like Batman, because I can’t reveal my true self. People either love or hate you, you can’t get everybody to love you. Still, if people don’t like you, at least you can show who you are and why you do what you do.”

He is his own hero?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have NEVER heard of anyone being that self-centered ever in my life! There’s no Dad,Mom,Brother,Coach,Friend,Teammate,Dog,Fish,Bully,ANYBODY he could think of besides himself?? All I can say is wow! I guess I can see why he thought he wasn’t given a fair OPPORTUNITY to perform when he actually was given EVERY chance to prove he is capable of contributing. So much that they even put him at kick returner to get on the field! I’ll admit he did a decent job until……MR. BANKS came to town! In the words of my favorite artist Jay-Z,” You had a spark when you started but now you’re just garbage” Fell from 2nd round to not mentioned at all…til an undrafted rookie free agent kickoff returns were better than yours… <— That’s my remix!

Point of the story is, Devin you have just fired up an already fired up Redskins Nation and I hope that you are ready to be a target for our Special Teams gunners because thats the only way I believe you will touch the field. You got what you wanted sir…The Deadskins are ready for you!! Hope you dont miss this OPPORTUNITY… I wish you good health but if you gain a yard I will be surprised.


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