Redskins must conduct business wisely once NFL Lockout ends

Off all the moves that happen this season, Albert Haynesworth must not be on the roster past the start of training camp.   A release from services is all, and perhaps the best Redskins fans can hope for the malcontented defensive lineman.  He must be gone before McNabb, he must be gone before any other unrestricted free agent has a chance to sign with any other team.  He must be gone to reaffirm that the front office mentality that the team comes first and not who’s boss.

Second of all, gracefully handle the Donovan McNabb situation.  The slimmest of long shots say he could be back and have a better 2011.  But why risk it when the remains of the bridge between he and Kyle Shanahan is non-existent? I wish it would work and McNabb comes back for a fantastic 2011.  It just can’t happen, or at least won’t happen here with the Redskins.

The Redskins must salvage as much positive press from this as possible, as it will be scarce.  The Redskins are a “workplace”.  They cannot continue to publically and stupidly treat their “employees” like second hand volunteers and expect to be the hottest job in the market.  We all know this but it is the truth and must be echoed.

The Redskins have several options here.  Work with McNabb and his agent to find a suitable trade partner when it works best, and make the appropriate dealings.   This is the best solution, but the most unlikely because of the boneheaded deal they signed him to in November 2010.  The other option would be to release him outright.  That would be merciful and give McNabb a chance to seek a team that he feels suites him.  In my opinion, also unlikely.  There is also the possibility of them working out a buyout deal.  If he were to buy out his contract outright, he would owe the team roughly $30 million dollars to not play for them.

For the most part, McNabb ends up the loser in this situation, so it would be wise for the Redskins to get in karma’s good graces and cut him some slack.  However, I feel that is unlikely.

The Redskins must make offers to their own.  They must offer Carlos Rogers and Santana Moss contracts.  Plain and simple.  Does this mean throw money at them?  No, but make an effort to keep your own and at least taper the going rate other free agents will be looking for when they shop you.  In the past the Redskins have let guys walk and offer a fortune to future busts (i.e. Demetric Evans out, Albert Haynesworth in).  While Rogers isn’t a sexy ball hawking corner, he is efficient opposite DeAngelo Hall.  While Santana Moss isn’t getting younger he is a pro and knows how to play the game right.  He can offer teaching tools to help groom the very young wide receiver group.  They may work out, they may not.  But the bottom line and good business dictate the give them the first cracks, otherwise its business as usual in Ashburn.

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