Did Dan Snyder really stay out of Joe Gibbs' way?

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog chronicled a piece that revolved around Dan Snyder’s claims that he was never involved with football matters when Joe Gibbs was here.

Snyder says:

“You know what’s interesting is there’s a little bit of a misperception here. When Joe Gibbs was here for over four seasons, nobody came to talk to me about football, and the same thing now. It was very similar between Mike Shanahan and Joe Gibbs, that they take command of the football team, and I love that. I mean, for me it’s easy. I don’t want to be involved. ”

However when Gibbs spoke on the business he said this, in an interview in 2007:

“The three of us [Gibbs, Snyder and Cerrato] normally at the end of it try and come up with a final game plan for the draft….Dan’s philosophy is to be aggressive. We fall in the category of being more aggressive and it’s based on Dan being as aggressive as he is.”

It seems he has always been involved, and will be involved.  He has the right, he owns the team.  But time will tell when the amount of involvement he is in that dictates the true course he is guiding this team in.

Read the whole piece by Dan Steinberg here.

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  • Robert Huff

    Then why did they bring in a second offensive cordinator in Gibbs third year back?? If everyone remembers correctly Joe Gibbs was repeating what he did his first time as a head coach for the redskins.You cant have 2 offensive genius on the same team. I ve been a die hard skins fan for 40 years and if Danny boy dont just sit there and pay bills and keep his nose out of it I wont be much longer. Riggo WE LOVE YOU!