Three reasons every Redskins fan needs to like John Beck

With Donovan McNabb’s situation murky and Rex Grossman a free agent, John Beck has been the talk of the town in regards to who will be the Redskins new starting quarterback. Little is known about him but there is apparently a lot of promise concerning him.

Here are three reason we feel you should be excited for him as your QB.

1. He is determined to let past failures and short comings fuel his desire to succeed

John Beck said this to the Washington Post in regards to his early stint with Miami:

“When [Bill Parcells] first got there, I really liked Bill,”the quarterback said. “Bill treated me like I was gonna be the guy. I would be in the weight room working out and he would come and stand by my squat rack, talk to me. He’d catch me in the hall or he’d tell somebody hey John, Bill wants to see you. I’d go sit in his office and he’d tell me hey I believe that you can do this for us, I really like what you do, I think you remind me a lot of Tony Romo, things are gonna be great.

“And then all of the sudden Brett Favre goes to the Jets, Chad Pennington becomes available, boom, that was it, done. And I went from competing for the starting job with Josh McCown to then the No. 3 on the roster overnight. So it was crazy, and then as the season went on they focused on Chad Pennington’s our guy, Chad Henne’s who we drafted.

“So when the season ended, I went in and asked for a release. I kind of saw the writing on the wall. I don’t want to be the backup. That’s not why I play the game. I’m not the type of person who can be happy getting a paycheck and not playing. I want to be the guy playing, and I went and asked for a release, and me and Bill got into it a little bit there. So at this point, I’m not the biggest Tuna fan.”

2. He wants to lead the team onto the field badly and play football:

“I love football,” Beck said. “I love playing the game. I love standing in there on third down and getting whacked in the chin and completing a pass and quieting the crowd. When you’re playing on the road and it’s third down and they’re screaming, and you can rip a pass in there and get it and shut em all up? I love it.

3. He is already a leader:

Redskins rookie running back Evan Royster was on WRC’s “Sports Final” this week, and was asked whether any of his new teammates have reached out to him.

“I talked to John Beck,” Royster said. “He sent me some of the install stuff the first day. I mean, I’m just trying to get a grasp on the playbook a little bit now.”

Wait, so John Beck is now the guy reaching out to rookies? Yeah, and he’s the guy helping to plan offseason workouts, too.

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  • Ron

    Nice article… I already like him and his attitude… It gives us something to hope for… Lets give him a chance,, not do a Pat Ramsey and dump him into the wringer.. but give him a really good chance.. Try itMr Shanahan, naybe you’ll like it…

    • Ryan John Estorninos

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a fresh face have a shot. We could be surprised. If it doesn’t pan out, then what did we lose…other than games of course LOL

  • Joe Laughlin

    As always I can’t buy this story for quite a few reasons ,most of them being lack of experience as well as one year of bench warming .Please keep drinking the coolaid If you actually keep accepting ,waiting till next year ,I’m not ,I can’t.If Beck thinks I beleive him he should have not wasted 3 yrs of his prime on religious endeavers.Apparently that means more than this so stick with religion.We do not need a bible banger seperating our team.Besides has anyone seen any QB win anything If Shanny picked em.Maybe when the owner gives a differnt perception,we might have a chance at winning,as well as a chance at winning back all the fans this greedy bastard has disenfranchised.I guess thats as optimistic as I get,I can dream can’t I ?A miricle would be for this SOB to sell this abused franchise,but fat chance ,he’d have to go to jail for that to happen and we all know the government don’t pursue the real crooks of society, the rich and untouchable.