Return to Glory Days Pick

First of all, let me promise right now not to make any Nancy Kerrigan jokes.

That aside, I have to admit to being confused last night when I heard Ryan Kerrigan’s name called as the newest member of the Washington Redskins. At first I was afraid. I was petrified. Kept thinking I coul… ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah, confused. Who is this guy? Why did we pick him earlier than he was slotted (on most mock drafts I had seen, anyway)?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of pairing him with Orakpo. Teams will not be able to double Rak quite as often now, and even if they swing extra help towards that side, Kerrigan should be able to exploit the poor soul assigned to block him one on one. Should be fun to watch! And hey, we need to get after the QB, what with Vick, Romo and Eli all in our division. We need athletic, mobile, QB chasers who just don’t quit.

And that’s why, this morning, after sleeping on and digesting the pick, I love it. Everything I have read about Kerrigan says he doesn’t stop. Has a motor that just doesn’t quit. Plays to the whistle, always goes hard, 110% kind of guy. Remind you of anyone? More importantly, does he remind you of the complete opposite of someone?

Sounds to me like we got the anti-Haynesworth. I would guess that maybe we as fans weren’t the only ones who were disgusted by the sight of Fat Al rolling around on the field while the play was still going on. Maybe it did not escape the attention of Shanahan & Co. that in the offseason thus far, Haynesworth has been involved with the police more than once. Somehow, I don’t see this as a problem with Kerrigan.

Shanahan and Allen sent a message. To Haynesworth. To the lockeroom. To the league. That kind of foolishness you saw and heard about from Fat Al will not fly anymore. We are all about bringing in guys with character who will work hard and bust their butts every day in practice, and every play of every game. Why do you think Lorenzo Alexander and Phillip Daniels are still on the team (for now, anyway)? They work hard, are selfless and do what the team asks them to do. Like London Fletcher.

Going back to the Hogs, that’s what Redskins football has been about, during the glory years anyway. Nice to see that’s what Shanahan is trying to get back to.

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