Scumbag who shot Sean Taylor wants media ban reports:

MIAMI — The accused shooter in the 2007 killing of former Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor wants the media barred from a key hearing.

A Miami-Dade County judge set a hearing Wednesday on the request from 20-year-old Eric Rivera Jr. His attorney contends that an upcoming hearing on what evidence will be allowed could jeopardize Rivera’s chances for a fair trial.

Attorneys for The Miami Herald oppose closing the hearing, arguing there’s no evidence media coverage will automatically taint a potential jury pool.

Rivera is one of five people accused in the killing of Taylor during a botched robbery at his Miami-area home.

Taylor was an All-Pro safety with the Redskins who starred in college at the University of Miami.

A trial in the case is expected later this year.

I believe there is an afterlife, and that Sean Taylor is enjoying every bit of it.  However, his memory on Earth is repeatedly being insulted by the lackthereof  a trail that has yet to happen, and is “set” for later this year.

For the kid that did the deed, I think the media is the last of his concerns.  As far as I am concerned he signed over his life when he pulled the trigger on that fatefull November night in 2007.  The media need not influence anyone.

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