Happy Birthday Sean Taylor: My top 5 things I wish I saw him do

The game is not the same without you. Rest in peace man!

Five Things I Wish I Could Have Seen Sean Taylor Do

1. Have a legit shot at holding the Lombardi

2.Win defensive player of the year

3.A Pick Six (he had two fumble recoveries for a touchdown and his pre-season pick in the HOF doesn’t count)

4.Lead the league in picks

5.Secure our defensive backfield for years and years to come.

What are yours?

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  • Frederick Brown

    1. Request a public apology from that punter that made him DE CLEAT him in the Pro Bowl

    2. DE CLEAT that same punter in a regular season game.

    3. Score the game winning touchdown to beat the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game to advance to the Super Bowl.

    4. Get some snaps at RB/WR and produce efficiently.

    5. Retire as an old broken up, washed up has been that cant seem to walk away from the game like Brett Favre…gone too soon. Miss you #21