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The $10.72 million slave

All this time I have had it wrong.  I thought working in a cubicle, day-in and day-out, under Ground Hog Day-like circumstances made me and those like me figurative slaves.  I was way off.  Apparently in order to be categorized as a slave, I’d have to make more money than I do; a lot more.  Or at least that is what Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson believes.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sport’s Doug Farrar, Peterson equated NFL owner’s treatment of players to that of “modern-day slavery”.  Wow.  Thank you, Adrian Peterson.  I had no idea that slaves role around in Mercedes and BMWs while wearing Rolex watches.  Thank you for enlightening me.  And thank you for helping to clarify over 2000 years of history from the Romans up to the 1860s and beyond.  It’s nice to know that any individual who has ever been forced to work against their will for no money is not really a slave. 

I hope Adrian Peterson just had one monumental momentary lapse in judgment.  Being an Oklahoma State University alumnus, I can take the easy route and excuse his statement as being nothing more than the unfortunate bi-product of a University of Oklahoma education.  Regardless, if slaves make $10.72 million a year, as Peterson is set to make in 2011, sign me up, I’ll be a slave!

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  • BGGB

    It was a dumb statement, but I highly doubt someone as intelligent as Adrian Peterson literally compares himself to slaves in the traditional sense.

    The environment that players play in is awful in a lot of ways, and now the owners are trying to pay them less to do it.

    A little anger at being treated so shitty is understandable.

    • Sean Mathews

      Don’t get me wrong… It was a dumb statement and he didn’t mean it in the true definition of slavery. I just seized on it as material because I could make a lot from it. STILL… I’d be more than willing to play pro football for a fraction of what they are paid. Less is a relative term. If I had a choice between my job and NFL with the pay I make, I’d take my job. Double my pay though and I’ll take the abuse on my body.