An open letter to the NFL in regards to the impending lockout

Dear NFL Player, Owner or Other Pertinent Individual,

It is with no amount of joy that I write this letter.  It is also with no amount of joy that I sit and wait for what is to be a near-imminent player lockout by NFL team owners who demand a 20 percent salary roll-back by players.  Forgive me, but I lack the complete specifics of the situation.  Being but a mere layman in the scheme of things, it seems to me that this whole lockout is about money.  Am I correct in my assumption?  Is this really about being cut from a $10 million salary to an $8 million salary?  Though I do feel the slightest bit of empathy to the predicament of the NFL players and their Union, and I would hate if my salary were cut 20 percent, I make but a mere fraction of a an NFL salary and as such find it unfathomable that anyone who loves their job would be unwilling to take what truthfully amounts to a cut of an already over-inflated salary.

So there may be no 2011 NFL football season.  Who are you, the players and owners hurting?  I’ll tell you who.  You are hurting your fans.  The guys (and gals) who pump your gas, change your oil, do your taxes and protect your neighborhoods.  You are hurting the grocer, the firefighter, the teacher and yes, even the lawyer.  You hurt millions of high school athletes who look up to you.  And you hurt the parents who have to explain what greed is to their young children.  Not only are you hurting the fans, but you are going to further cripple an ailing U.S. economy that depends on your product. Yeah, you hurt the ticket salesman and the guy who mows the stadium lawn.  I’ll tell you who else you hurt, something I have personal experience with. You hurt that service member serving overseas in a combat zone.  The one who lives in conditions you will never face. That Soldier’s few joys include a hot shower, warm food, letter from home and yes, rooting for his or her football team on Sunday.

So I hope you all are happy for yourselves.  I hope you enjoy your year off, waking up and going to the golf course in your Mercedes instead of heading to the practice field. I, along with millions of others will have to find some other means to get in touch with long-distance friends, as the fantasy football we play won’t exist.  But that’s ok.  You all deserve the 20 percent that the owners want to take.  After all, that education you earned (or almost earned) is really being used on the football field.  Heaven forbid that you had to slug it out in a cubicle day after day. 

Don’t think you owners are off the hook either.  You all can afford these players’ inexcusably high salaries.  After all, you do charge us fans more than any sane person should pay for a ticket.  All of you are showing the true greed of professional sports.  And all of you are showing how meaningless the fans that put you on a pedestal are.  None of you have learned from the baseball strike of 1994 that killed the sport, making it the pathetic shell that it is today of what it used to be. 

I hope you all are proud of yourselves.  Thanks for defecating on your fans.

There is still time to change the current course though, and I pray you do.


Sean Mathews

Irate Random Blogger

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