Dan Snyder not a fan of freedom of the press or speech?

On November 19th 2010, Dan McKenna of the Washington City Paper wrote what I found to be an interesting read that pointed out all of the failings of Snyder since being owner of the Washington Redskins.


Now for having wrote what many of us already know it appears that Snyder is now targeting McKenna and wants him fired. It is even being said that a possible lawsuit against the papers owners for defamation is being considered…

To borrow a line from the wrestler known as The Miz (who I’m not a fan of) Really? Really? Really?

I mean come on now Snyder instead of taking a piece that really is just a collection of facts and learning from it you rather just silence the source of the article?

Who are you now Hitler? Is this some type of dictatorship and you must crush anyone who opposes you?

I’m not going to go in to a long rant on all of your shortcomings as an owner because to be honest I’d probably still be writing it come this time tomorrow. So to keep it short to this point you have sucked as an owner and it did not take Mr. McKenna pointing it out for everyone to know it.

The media both on a local and national level talk about it, the fans of the Redskins talk about it and even fans of other teams talk and laugh about it. It is no secret you have sucked as an owner.

Did you not catch the Ronnie Mervis petition to buy the Redskins?


or how about any of the other countless petitions to have you removed as owner? Those do not get started because you are doing a great job.

You are a smart businessman and I’m sure to get where you are well you probably had failures and more than likely you learned from them. Learning from those failures made you better in the long run. Now do the same as an owner embrace your shortcomings and learn from them so that you can become a better owner of the Redskins.

You need to print McKenna’s article up and put it on the wall of your office so that it can serve as a guideline of what not to do anymore.

p.s If you want to get me fired for this well I write for free…..

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