Could the Redskins trade Haynesworth to the Eagles?

What an interesting development Jim Washburn’s move to the Philadelphia Eagles could end up being.  He’s the former Titans’ defensive line coach who worked closely with Albert Haynesworth and whom Haynesworth reportedly admires.  The Eagles aren’t exactly thrilled with their defensive tackle situation.  And, their base defense is a 4 – 3.  Could the Redskins engineer a trade where they’re able to obtain a second-round pick in this year’s draft from Philadelphia?  I think they could.

I’m sure Mike Shanahan doesn’t want to face Big Al twice each season for the next five to ten years.  Then again, you can count on Haynesworth missing a few games each year, so maybe it would only be once each season.  Trading him to the Eagles may not be ideal, but what if they’re the only dance partner who shows up to the dance?

I’m not suggesting that Philadelphia hired Washburn to lure Haynesworth from the Redskins.  I don’t believe that for a second.  I am suggesting, however, that trading him to the Eagles for a second-round selection wouldn’t be the worst personnel move Washington has made lately, and would kill two birds with one proverbial stone.  The Albert Haynesworth drama would be over, and the Redskins would be better positioned to have a successful 2011 draft.

Stranger things have happened, especially in DC.  Go ‘Skins!

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  • kmiddy

    A 2nd round pick? Come on… maybe a 5th…

  • Eagles fan

    You’ll be lucky if the eagles give up a 3rd for that contract

  • Mo

    What planet are you living on? The ‘Skins would probably take a 4th round pick from the Eagles just to be rid of him, and no chance the Eagles or any other team in the league coughs up a second round pick.

    Also, and more confusing probably, how do you figure the ‘Skins will end up facing him twice a season for FIVE to TEN years? He turns 30 this year, and has never kept himself in shape. Sure you can come up with a handful of memorable defensive line players who played into their late 30s but they are very much the exception.

  • Corey

    2nd round draft pick?? Get real. 4th round draft pick will be the best they get, maybe with a 6th thrown in from next years draft. The only way you get a 4th rounder is if you get a few teams competing for him which is not going to happen. And if it does, I don’t know if the eagles have the patience for that.

  • Rick Hall aka Rick the Rebel

    I seriously doubt that we could unload “Fat Albert” to his wife for a 2nd round pick! And no matter what we got for him, we have to remember that when he wants to play, he can strap it on. I really don’t see keeping him either! Why keep paying a guy who obviously thinks he’s above the team?! We have to unload him, but not to the Eagles. Send him to Oakland, or Denver, or even San Francisco, someplace where we see him once in a blue moon! Maybe we could get a 3rd or 4th for him. Look, we all know he’s talented, and if he went with the program, he is a force to reckon with! Honestly, when he signed with the Snyderatto group, I thought they were starting to get the idea about what kind of player to sign! Oops! My bad! He has more than proven to me, that he is in no way committed to anyone but his own greedy, egotistical self! He cares nothing for his team mates, and has no pride in being a Redskin! So dump him to whoever, for whatever, and stop paying this fat-assed butt-head, to disgrace a proud, Redskin tradition! We used to be champions, when our pride meant something to everyone connected to the Redskins!
    In other words … We own his rights. So dump him where he doesn’t want to be, don’t pay him $42,000,000 and then give him to a team that wants to beat our butts twice a year! If you think that way, you must have been the kid who always had the bully kick your butt, and take your milk money each day! C’mon Man!

  • rich p

    I can see it happening, but no chance of Philly giving up a 2nd round pick for fat albert. 5th rounder at best. Probably more like a 6th and a rotational DT from the eagles.

  • RRF

    As an Eagles fan, there is absolutely no way I’d even give up a 7th round draft pick for this loser. He has no heart and plays only for himself. We don’t need another part-time hero. It is hilarious that you think this physical disappoinment is worth a 2nd rounder and will play for another 5 to 10 years. If he can make it 5 to 10 snaps consecutively without getting carted off of the field, it is a modern medical marvel. Trade him to the London Sillinannies for Peter Griffin. That’s a little more realistic.