The Redskins and Justin Blackmon; what could have been

Now that the Redskins’ position in the draft queue has been solidified in the tenth slot, rumors and theories can run rampant.  Going through the motions today of checking the various sports websites that I check, I came upon an interesting piece by Andrew Perloff of Sports Illustrated.  He had echoed my previous thoughts  in that the Redskins would not draft a quarterback in the first round.  Even scarier was the fact that in his mock draft he had the Redskins drafting Oklahoma State University’s wide receiving phenomenon Justin Blackmon.  This had long been my hope and dream, being an OSU alumnus.  Alas, it is not to be.  Blackmon has chosen –and wisely I might add- to stay with the OSU Cowboys.

The scenario in my opinion was not too far fetched.  I had commented in my previous musings that the Shanahans are content with current quarterback Rex Grossman.  If they decide to keep him as their starter and not take a QB in the first round, the easiest way to bolster the offense would be to take a wide receiver.  A marquee WR such as Blackmon would have been exactly what the Redskins need.  This of course is ignoring problems with the offensive line.  With him or a similar WR in the number one slot, Santana Moss as the number two, and finally Chris Cooley -who I still believe is one of the best, if not the best tight end in the game- to complete the corps, I think the Redskins would have a receiving cadre that any quarterback could have success with; even Rex Grossman.

But again, Blackmon is off the market so this is all for posterity.  One thing Perloff had in his mock draft that I thought was interesting was that he had only the Carolina Panthers with the overall number one pick taking a QB.  If this were actually to be true, the Redskins would pretty much have their pick of the litter with quarterbacks, opening up the possibility of Jake Locker or Cam Newton coming to the DC metro area.  With such quarterbacks available, would it be foolish to take any position other than quarterback in the first round?  How will fans react if a QB isn’t taken?  Would failure to take a QB solidify the Shanahans as being certifiably crazy?  We will have to wait to see.  Hopefully as we get closer to the draft, the notoriously uptight Mike Shanahan will let slip his intentions, or at least a glimpse.

As a side note, I had also hoped that the Redskins would take another former OSU wide receiving phenomenon.  That WR, Dez Bryant has gone on to make an instant impact for the Dallas Cowboys.

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  • Sean Mathews

    As another side note, Perloff has updated his mock draft upon hearing about Blackmon’s decision. He has placed Ryan Mallett, the QB for Arkansas, as the Skins pick and stated that Blackmon is “going back to Missouri”. I sure hope he isn’t headed there. Mike Gundy will have a fit when he hears Blackmon defected to the Tigers. I also disagree with picking up Mallett as a QB. Not a good fit among the available QBs.

  • Rick Hall

    Taking a verifiable “Phenom” like Justin Blackmon would have been a sweet deal, providing another team didn’t have a game changer on their list of “must haves!” However, the draft is going to be full of of QBs, who can turn a game around in a few plays. Case in point, the very mobile, pretty accurate Andy Dalton of TCU, who would possibly be around in the second, or even third round of the draft. The Redskins might then be able to concentrate on offensive, or defensive line help in the second round, and go for greatest need in the first!
    If we trade “Aintworth” and McNabb, we may possibly get as high as a second round, and third round pick for them. I hear Tennessee is looking for a QB, and Coach Fisher made it clear he would want Albert back! I think that would be a very good package deal!

    • Sean Mathews

      You have some great points. If we could get a pick by trading away the two, it would help. I really deep down hope we go for a QB first round, I really do. I just have a bad feeling Kyle Shanahan is settled on Grossman and will take a QB later in the draft. With Blackmon out, and Broyles not entering the draft, I don’t see much I would want. A.J Green would be a definate yes, but I really think the best years for WR draftees will come in the next two years.