Fire Shanahan; not this one, the other one

Right now, as a Redskins fan, you are in either one of two camps.  You either like head coach Mike Shanahan, or you want him fired.  There really is no in-between right now.  And to compound things, when I say like, what I really mean is accept. With one final game against the New York Giants, the Skins are looking to (Choose which best fits your mood: [A] salvage [B] terminate [C] end with dignity, or [C] forget) a season fraught with drama and unrest.  At the epicenter of the rumblings has been Mike Shanahan more often than not, and to a lesser extent, son and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, better known as little Shanny, Shanny Jr., or Shanny light.  I have come to terms with the current conundrum of the Shanahan clan, and offer insight to both the Shanahan lovers, and haters. 

Mike Shanahan is the right coach for the Washington Redskins.  He will not be fired, and he will rebuild this team.  There, I’m off to a nice optimistic start to please the fans of our beleaguered head coach.  Now for part two, to try and appease the Shanahan haters.  Mike Shanahan will not reach his full potential until he –now here’s the hard part- fires his son.  In order to truly love someone, you need to let them go.  Or at least that’s how the expression goes.  Mike Shanahan has got to let Kyle go. 

Donovan McNabb was not the right fit for the Redskins. He could have been though.  I think much of the problem lies with Kyle Shanahan’s failure to work with him.  I attribute that to his age.  Not having even reached thirty, I don’t think he is mature enough to fill the shoes of the position he has been promoted to.  I thought there were laws against nepotism.  Conversely, the decision to start Rex Grossman was not any jibe at McNabb’s skill.  On most bad days McNabb is still better than Grossman.  It has more to do with the relationship between Kyle and Grossman.  This is evident through watching the interaction between the two during previous games.  I hate to say it, but I think the real reason McNabb is done boils down to the fact that Kyle likes Grossman more at a personal level.  Could this be a budding bromance?

A lot needs to happen this off-season.  That is granted.  The first thing that’s needs to happen is for someone to get off their laurels, make a hard but wise decision and tell Kyle that it was a good run (who am I kidding, it was horrible), but he needs a few more years (maybe decades) back in the minors.  In the mean time, I hear Ralph Friedgen is looking for a job.

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  • angela

    Couldn’t agree more. I wish it were Kyle’s job on the line right now. He is the root of the problems.

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  • myron

    Great insight! We need more experience in the offensive coordinator’s position. I would go as far to say that the head coach should not be out of the woods either. Let’s get real and do something about the evaluation of personnel in the draft as well.

  • Andy

    Riggo all you are is negative idividual, you will never give the skins any chance no matter how well they do. You just upset that you don’t like the owner, please get over it and say one nice thing about our beloved skins….

  • alocowboy

    I agree 100%. Fire Kyle. He is too young, too arrogant, too inexperienced to lead an offense to the Super Bowl.

    This is why nepotism doesn’t work in any other industry. What happens when little bubba is a dud? How do you fire him?

    Mike needs to be just as hard on his offensive coordinator and son as he is on his players. Measured by that standard, Kyle should be let go.

    Fire Kyle NOW!

  • luvdc808

    Kubiak might become available. He’d fit in nicely.

  • http://none Jones

    Thank you Riggo: Do you really think that we can salvage the relationship with McNabb in order to keep him? This guy is the first thing close to a franchise QB we’ve had in a decade and we just throw him under the bus. I was so relieved we finally had someone to build around and we just go and make a mockery of this man who is a consumate professional in the NFL and our community. Do we want to wait another 5 years for a QB to develop just to have a chance at a Superbowl?

  • http://none Jones

    Out of Mike, Kyle and McNabb, there are two who are almost locks for the Hall of Fame. I think it could have worked with all three of these guys if we had embraced the concept of delayed gratification, but since they became impulsive and now things are at a boiling point; I say, let’s keep the two Hall of Famers and get rid of the other.