Fire Kyle Shanahan? I think not….

Redskins fans are a very loyal and passionate group of people but sometimes that passion causes them to be a little too impatient at times and calling for the firing of Kyle Shanahan is one of those times….

Look I’m a Redskins fan and have been for quite awhile now. I was alive for each and every one of Joe Gibbs seasons as a Redskins head coach and I’m not just talking about the second go round either. I grew up on watching players like Art Monk, Darrell Green and The Hogs. So I remember the glory days when double digit wins were common and every season brought a strong chance of making it to the Super Bowl. So I am one of the people that actually can talk about “Redskin Football” and know what it means.

So when I say this it comes not as an outsider but as one of your own……

We need to chill out on the calling for coaches to be fired, relax and just give it some time because as the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day. You want positive results? Well give it some time after all remember he is taking over a team that averaged just 16.6 points per game in 2009.

So it is not as if he was taking over a team that was really even built to win right now. This is a rebuilding process and one single season is not enough time to truly evaluate whether he is right for the job or not. What did he really inherit going in to this season that would make you think that this season was going to be that good? An inferior offensive line, running backs that can’t stay healthy and a wide receivers corp that is good but not really overly impressive.

So Kyle is too young and does not have enough experience to be the Redskins offensive coordinator?

Was Kyle Shanahan too young in Houston where he was the offensive coordinator in 2008 and 2009? Redskins fans would have killed for the Texans offense from either of those seasons.

Or hey I guess Al Saunders, Sherman Smith and the number of other Redskins offensive coordinators who came in and never found consistent success must have been too young and inexperienced as well. After all the Redskins offense has not had back to back years of being good since the 1990s.

Eventually it comes down to talent and you know what the Redskins this year just did not have much of it. Sure they found out along the way that guys like Armstrong and Torain deserve to be in the NFL. These are things though that they found out as the season went along because nobody expected a guy like Armstrong to have the success he has had. Having found out these things though will help the team going in to the 2011 season.

For those people that are upset about the benching of McNabb well he led the team to a 5 and 8 record and threw more interceptions than touchdowns, one hopped passes often and made many bad passes along the way to losing his job. Honestly the McNabb experiment should probably never had happened and I think the Eagles took the Redskins on the trade. McNabb is old and his inaccuracy as a passer is showing more now than ever before. He is just not good enough anymore to where his flaws can be hidden at least not on a bad team in a rebuilding stage which is what the Redskins are.

Sure the McNabb situation could have been handled differently but for me it is not enough to scrap the offense and start all over again. I know its easy to get caught up in all the negative criticism and coverage being given to Kyle but most of it is just a knee jerk reaction to one bad season. Give the kid a shot because if they come out next season or the year after that and the offense is great you will all be singing a different song then.

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  • Ty

    Are you serious? The man was the O.C. for Texans with all pros. He did so much to improve them – I mean did you see the offense increase – oh it didn’t. But if was good – oh the had 4 pro bowlers on offense – but he was good. LOL McNabb suggests that they throw screens – to slow the rushes – he – old man Kyle – offensive genius says no – then benches Mcnabb and throw 10-12 in two games – to move the offense. The whole offense laughs at Kyle – why? Because he is a genius. He has all the answers – lol – he is just keeping them to himself.

    • Scott Stewart

      Am I serious? yes… but are you serious?

      Schaub was a backup to Vick prior to coming to the Texans in 2007. Shanahan was his qb coach in 07 and his OC in 08 and 09. So it can easily be argued that he had a big part in the development of Schaub.

      When did Schaub become a pro bowler? 2009 his last year with Shanahan which also happens to be his best season statistically as a passer even better than this year.

      When did Andre Johnson become an all pro? 2008 which happens to be Kyles first year as an OC there. In the 5 years Johnson was in the league prior to Kyle becoming the OC he had 2 seasons over 1000 yards his best being 1,147. In his two season with Kyle as an OC he put up 1,575 and 1,569 and was an All Pro both years.

      So whether you wish to believe it or not Kyle did play a part of the Texans offense being as good as it was. Only year they made the top 10 in points as well as yards? Kyles last year. He was a good OC in Houston

      As for the whole thing of Kyle not calling screens for McNabb well there was plenty of chances for screen passes and short underneath passing plays while McNabb was in there. McNabb just made bad passes on a lot of them so people tend not to remember them.

      Truth is people are just upset about the handling of McNabb because they are looking backwards at what he did in his past. There is a reason Philly fans laughed when it was announced that he was coming here and that reason is because he just is not that good anymore.

      Jason Campbell is better than McNabb yup thats right I said it

  • http://none Jones

    Ok. Your article totally reeks of hypocracy.Almost every argument you made would also apply to McNabb. The same mediocre offensive players Kyle was forced to work with, McNabb inherited also. The only difference is, whereas Kyle has had one good year of producing a pro bowl quarterback (Schaub); McNabb has made a history of making pro bowls. McNabb has played in a Super bowl and made it there without a legitimate WR in a pass happy offence. Sure Terrell Owens helped get them there, but he was out every playoff game leading up to the Super bowl. McNabb willed that team to the Super bowl without a number 1 receiver and they only lost by three points. He’s proven (future hall of famer), Mike Shannahan is proven (Future hall of famer) Kyle is the only one in the equation who is still trying to prove himself. We’ve seen first hand what McNabb can do; he’s been eating the Redskins lunch for 11 years. So I don’t think we should call for sympathy and compassion for Kyle when we haven’t shown it to a 6 time pro bowler and workaholic,4 time NFC East champion (consecutive), 5 NFC championship appearances who is a future hall of fame QB who was three points away from being a world champion.

    You are right that we are being trigger happy by calling for Kyle’s firing, but how can you honestly say that, but condone the treatment of McNabb. I’m a North Carolinian. I’ve been a Redskin fan sin I was 8 years old (I refused to abandon the skins for the Panthers), but I am embarrassed and appalled at how we have treated this man who is a consummate professional on the field and off of the field and a proven winner.

    • Scott Stewart

      Look I like McNabb… I defended him his entire career and for his career he is a very good quarterback as for future hall of famer eh that is debatable I’d put him in the borderline category he has a shot but is not a guarantee…

      When did he make the Super Bowl? 2004 season….

      A whole lot can change from 2004 to 2010 players get older, they get banged up and often times their play declines.

      I said they could have handled the whole McNabb situation differently but it is done…

      There is no going back they can’t undo what has already happened so now we move forward. Is McNabb the future? NO… Is Grossman the future? NO

      The Redskins are not going to the Super Bowl with Grossman and they would not be going with McNabb. What they need to do is draft a qb real soon like as in this upcoming draft hopefully. As cold as this may sound McNabb is not a Redskin so I have no real attachment to him.

      People called for Jason Campbell to be fired and he was better than McNabb was this season. Campbell had less around him last year to work with than McNabb had this year but people wanted Campbell fired.

      People are just taking it so hard because its McNabb did people act this way for Campbell? NO… did people act this way for Brunell? NO…

      Redskins need to draft a qb and do it real soon because neither McNabb nor Grossman are the answer

  • http://none Jones

    Can I remind you that McNabb has his third best statistical year in his career in 2009 (a year ago) with two rookie receivers (Deshean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin). He also made the pro bowl last year. Your assessments are unwarranted and unproven. He’s been eating the Redskins lunch for years now. Granted, he’s not a spring chicken but if Grossman (Chicago) and Brad Johnson (Tampa Bay) can make it to a Super Bowl with good defence, surely we could have made it to the Super Bowl with Donovan McNabb if we were still a top 5 defence. No, he’s not still a candidate for league MVP, but he can still win games with the right system / offensive coordinator.

    • Scott Stewart

      and Brett Favre had a great 2009 season does it mean he is guaranteed to continue to play like that? NO

      So you want to roll out the Rex Grossman and Brad Johnson defense? ok

      First of all Brad Johnson he was an underrated quarterback. Sure he had a bad season or two but overall he got the job done. He won games in Minnesota, Washington and in Tampa. You talk about the year he took Tampa to the Super Bowl well how about talking about his 22 passing tds to just 6 ints.

      Now on to Rex Grossman yes he is not known to be a consistent qb but you know what his ups were way up. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that Grossman that year in their regular season wins had

      7 games of over a 100 passer rating and over those 7 games he threw for 18 tds to just 1 int. In 3 of their other wins he had ratings of 98.6, 81.4, and 80.4. Grossman is just inconsistent his downs were way down but that year he still had more games where he played at a high level than McNabb did this year.

  • blues4mation

    Shabby might have coached schuabb, but he also gave him the flexibility to call his own plays. DM has really neve been able play call, and when he did he made plays, and big plays. If shabby gave DM some freedom we would have a much better record. Whammy has called some stupid calls all season long