Shanahan is the man; Deal with it

Mike Shanahan is the head coach of the Washington Redskins and it will remain that way.  It should remain that way.  The biggest problem with Redskins fans is that we don’t know what we want.  Many were excited when the Skins landed Shanahan.  Many were excited when we landed quarterback Donovan McNabb.  Naturally expectations were high.  Now that things didn’t pan out the way most of us wanted, what do we do?  We want Shanahan fired.  That’s the wrong answer.

As I listened to ESPN 980 on the way to the dentist today, what I was hearing was almost as painful as the thought of having needles thrust into my delicate gums.  Fire Mike Shanahan.  Really?  Ok.  Let’s put the brakes on for a minute here.  I know everyone is upset about another mediocre season, but for all the whining about the Skins front office being guilty of knee-jerk reactions, we want him gone after one season?  Well, one person will be gone next year and it won’t be Shanahan.  It is obvious McNabb is history.

Out of the two, I would rather McNabb be the one to pack up and leave anyways.  My reaction was tepid back when it broke that the Redskins signed him.  We did not need an aging and ailing all-pro.  We need a young stud who can be groomed into the position.  Moving forward, the Redskins will release McNabb.  They will (hopefully) take a quarterback in the first round of the draft.  Rex Grossman will start for the Redskins next year.  This I can see happening, and I am not opposed to it.  While Grossman is starting, he knows he will be grooming his replacement; this unnamed stud-of-a-draft pick.  Next year will be painful like this year.  It will be a rebuilding year; A true rebuilding year.

Firing Shanahan is about the lamest idea possible right now, so if you are one of the many who thinks this needs to happen, please rethink your position and listen to reason.  Shanahan is guilty of many things, mainly being poor in the public relations sector, but I am still happy we have him.  Yes, he could have handled the McNabb situation better, but I don’t believe McNabb was disrespected, as McNabb said.  McNabb doesn’t want to leave Washington but don’t buy into that too much.  McNabb is a well versed and intelligent politician.  He’s not going to make matters worse by bad-talking the Skins or Shanahan. 

Move forth with the knowledge that Mike Shanahan will be here next year.  He is not the problem.    It is time to rebuild so get ready for more pain.  I’ll tell you after the April drafts if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Drew Hall

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Scott Stewart

    yea Shanny is not the problem at least we don’t know that yet. You have to give the man some time to get things fixed and the Redskins definitely have a number of issues that need to be fixed.

    you pretty much just summed up what I’ve been saying and that is that getting rid of McNabb is not the worst thing in the world. Grossman is not a great qb but he can fill in for a year while they find the qb of the future for the Redskins. plus who knows maybe Grossman will be better this time around as a starter.

    Grossman has a strong arm, is familiar with the offense and has felt what it’s like to go from starting in the Super Bowl to sitting on the bench for a few seasons. So maybe that will have lit something in Grossman to make him want to show he deserves to be a job as a starter somewhere. So 2011 could basically be an audition for him to get a job elsewhere the following season.

    It is definitely rebuilding time though and hopefully the Redskin fans will be ready for the rebuild

  • ME

    MIKE Shanahan is not the problem. KYLE Shanahan is. It all comes down to crappy play calling and that lies in KS’s lap. Mike, want to bench someone? Turn a narrow focus to your son, start calling the plays YOURSELF and let’s turn this dismal team around.

  • will

    Are you surprised we want Shanahan fired. He is not a winner. Has not won for a while. His ex players complain about him, and his current ones do to. He is not a winner and never will be again. Deal with that fact. A winner knows how to coach the players he has and use their collective talent to win. But when the going gets tough shanny throws them away and says its not me its the players. Get rid of shanahan quick. He is terrible. Bring in someone who truly can rebuild the skins.

  • Smutsboy

    Head Coach Shanahan shouldn’t be fired, Vice President Shanahan should. A fear many of us had from the day he was hired.

    As with Gibbs: good/great head coach, no personnel resume to speak of.

    I don’t think people are mad that McNabb is benched/will be cut. They’re just still mad about the trade in the first place. Many of us said it was an awful move for *this team* and a waste of resources. And it was.

    The job security of VP Shanhan SHOULD rest squarely with the upcoming off-season and the potential shown on the field by the team in 2011.

  • Uncle Long Hair

    Okay let’s lay down the Rules of Shannie:

    1) Players must practice together
    2) Players must play well in order to start, it doesn’t matter what your name is or how much you got paid.
    3) If a player doesn’t follow rule #1 or #2, they are likely to get benched in favor of someone else who does.
    4) The coaches run the team, not the players

    These don’t really seem to be very radical rules. Every good team — in fact every good organization of any kind — has rules like these.

    So what’s the problem? Well you’ve got the guy who makes X million per year who wants to break one or more of these rules, and still wants to play and get paid.

    So you know what you tell him? Stick in in your ear. This isn’t a bingo game.

    Shannie’s results have so far left a lot to be desired. But he’s setting up a good organization. A good organization will, eventually, produce respectable results. It takes longer than a year though.

  • Smutsboy

    Professionalism and the right attitude are appreciated.

    I would also appreciate Shanahan taking some responsibility for the team’s failures, and I look forward to Shanahan dramatically improving his job performance w/r/t to personnel decisions.

  • Rick Gunter

    You are nuts! I wanted neither Shananhan nor McNabb. But it is clear that the coach should be sent packing for any number or reasons, the least of them being another losing season. I predicted months ago that the Redskins would go 6-10 or 7-9. Coach Shanny is a jerk, which puts him in a large class of his fellow NFL coaches and human beings. Aside from the McNabb mess, he has fouled up the one good thing about the team he inherited — the defense — made the team’s best defensive player (Haynesworth) a casualty of this outfit, and blamed his players rather than his punk son for the team’s failures. I have been a Redskin fan for nearly 60 years. I have seen it all, but this year has been among the very worst in the team’s last 60 seasons.

  • Mike

    McNabb is a choke artist. Supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread to Phil. Never won a superbowl, only a few playoffs. Had one of the greatest offensive lines in NFL history. Great corps of receivers. And still couldn’t make it to the big dance. Blame who you want…it was McNabb. Snyder got suckered in to buying him.

    Was the media darling for years. He’s a chump and through his agent is playing his card. What a great move by Ryan. Got rid of him and we’re stuck. Look who may be going to Dallas and who’s sitting home with McNabb!

    Similar problems for one of the finest coaches in the NFL, Fisher @ TN. Let the cry babies go before they totally divide and ruin the team. Send him down the road Synder. You can afford it with your $10 beers and outrageous ticket prices.

  • gray

    ok lets look at the real deal, we were 0-6 in the division last year lost 6 close games, shannahan took three years to win With elway, he has coached young montana and elway, we have beaten the bears,packers jags,cowboys and eagles , not one team has that on there resume. lets see what we have got, ok mcnabb has only one year under his belt and Rex has two but no game time , the 3-4 even with the wrong personnel has given up a lot of yards