Moss unable to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat

Santana Moss was having one of his better games this year with the Washington Redskins. On the receiving end of two touchdown passes from Rex Grossman had suddenly erased a twenty point deficit. With all the momentum, the Redskins were set up to take the lead late in the 4th quarter against long time rival Dallas.

Moss was the centerpiece of Shanahan’s game plan throughout. Targeted 13 times, Moss came up with 8 receptions for 72 yards accompanied by two touchdown scores. Now with the game tied and less than 5 minutes left on the clock, Moss was poised to thrust the dagger in the big star. Instead, Moss failed to come through, and a Redskins victory bounced predictably off his fingertips.  Can the loss be placed on Moss’ shoulders solely?

With a first down at their own 25, Rex Grossman went back to pass. After eluding some pressure Moss found an opening down the left sideline as the Cowboys defender stumbled to the ground. Grossman hit his man in stride just inside Dallas territory. Moss lost his concentration however, and could not hang onto the accuratley placed projectile. All momentum had been squandered and the game was lost. Once again the Redskins fell predictably short.

You can never pin a loss on a single player in the NFL. There are too many variables and decisions made to be able to decipher a single instance that becomes the margin for victory or defeat. However we have seen these types of instances more often than not in 2010. Most recently it was a bad snap and a poor hold.

The question however deserves to be asked. Exactly how valuable were Moss’ two touchdown receptions if he is unable to come through in the clutch? At the highest level of competition, you are only as good as your last play. Inconsistency becomes the mark of a losing franchise, a trait the Redskins have been unable to rid themselves from for years on end.

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  • Uncle Long Hair

    Moss has been one of the few consistent players on the team. He deserves almost no blame for the loss. Sure, he dropped a catchable pass. But if the defense hadn’t shown all of the resistance of a wet piece of spaghetti, we’d have easily won this game. When your offense scores 4 touchdowns, you can blame the defense for the loss.

    • Uncle Long Hair

      And by the way, how about the play where Moss was wide open in the back of the endzone when Dallas blew their coverage, and Grossman couldn’t find him? Rexie literally jumped to see over the defensive line but couldn’t find his wide open receiver. If he had made that play, nobody would be criticizing Moss…

  • Teddy

    I have seen it and said it over and over.

    It is a guarantee that Moss will drop 1 pass every game that hits him in the hands. Every game. He will wiff on an easily catchable ball because of, as Riggo says: “loss of concentration.”

    No, one play does not loose a game. But Moss shoots us in the foot more lately than he has helped.

  • Drew Hall

    Throughout his career in Washington Moss has arguably been the most consistent and productive player on the entire team. I’m a big Moss fan but its been these types of occurances that have plauged the Redskins recently.
    A few years ago Moss was catching long TD passes in the clutch to beat Dallas on MNF. Unfortunatley the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league. Especially when you are losing.

  • ‘Skins Nerd

    Ditto Mr. Hall. I’ve been a huge Moss fan, but he has to make the clutch catch when its there. Shanahan has demonstrated you can’t let emotions and past greatness dictate who’s on your team. Overall performance, including KEY drops, are significant.