Grossman for the win???

Well, what a day here in Washington DC.  First the rumors started to swirl of quarterback Donovan McNabb being benched.  Now, has announced on their homepage that McNabb will indeed be benched in favor of backup Rex Grossman.  To quote Commodus from the movie Gladiator; It vexes me.  I am, vexed.

When I penned my thoughts in McNabb v. Grossman; round II, I was half-serious about the rumors.  I had heard about the possibility but I honestly did not think that the Redskins, Mike and Kyle Shanahan, would be audacious enough to bench McNabb in favor of Rex “two-minute” Grossman.  I stand firm on what I said.  Grossman is not some young talent that the Skins are attempting to groom into a starting position.  What they are doing is sticking a veteran back-up in the quarterback position instead of a tried-and-true all-pro.

Donovan McNabb has had his ups and downs this year, but he’s still McNabb.  He’s still a great quarterback albeit one having a down season.  To bench him is folly. It is a travesty.  The game versus Dallas is the only thing the Redskins and their fans have going for them right now.  This game represents the one salvation for the season, the one thing left for us fans to get excited about.  Playoff hopes are done.  The season is over.  But it’s Dallas, and we expect big things.  Benching McNabb at this point is beyond ridiculous.    

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am beyond speechless.  If this revelation holds true, I don’t know what to think.  My sense of reality has been flipped inside out and I might as well be living inside the Matrix.  For the love of all things sane and logical, DO NOT START REX GROSSMAN!  I doubt my all-caps plea will have any effect on the outcome and it will fall on deaf ears.  If so, the Redskins truly have hit rock bottom. Merry bleeping Christmas.

  • Uncle Long Hair

    I’m sure there will be an uproar over this. But look at the facts. The Skins season is done, the next 3 games are really just pre-preseason games for next year. McNabb has had a few bright spots but generally has been well below expectations. So this is a great opportunity to try out Grossman and see if he can start and finish a game without any disasters.

    Sure, Grossman really screwed up against Detroit, but then he also went in ice cold in the heat of the moment. I don’t necessarily think he’s a great quarterback, but I do think that McNabb has been very disappointing this year.

    McNabb has been having his worst year as a pro and his play at Philly wasn’t all good either. I think it is a legitimate question if he is the right QB for the Skins going forward. The best way to answer that question is to try other options.

  • BGGB

    There is no logical reason whatsoever to start Grossman. He is a 100% known quantity of mediocrity.

    There is no circumstance on earth where he is a better option than McNabb.

    This is pure vindictiveness and politics by the Shanahan Clan.

  • Uncle Long Hair

    So many people are trying to find the drama in this. The Skins have 3 QB’s on the roster, and two of them have one snap between them. It makes perfect sense to try them out. The season is done anyway and you have a chance to try out new players in a real game situation.

    If it would make you feel better you could say that the Skins are benching some of their starters to make sure they don’t get injured. This is the same thing that many other teams do.

    I agree that Grossman isn’t much to get excited about, but he’s on the roster. If he screws up bad on Sunday, they can cut him and look for other options.

    I think the Shanahans are smart to make players play well to keep their jobs. That has been missing from the Skins for way too long. They used to play players just because they got a big pay check, even when they stopped producing.

    Any good team is a meritocracy which means that the good players get more time and the bad players get less. They stuck with Campbell way too long by forgetting this simple rule. McNabb simply hasn’t been very good all year, and he’s had plenty of chances. The pass protection, play calling, and receivers have all gotten better this year, but McNabb hasn’t. It’s time to look at other options, to fail to do so would be irresponsible.

  • Brian Carroccio

    I don’t buy into the “this season is over with” stuff. THis is Skins-Cowboys and we want to win it no matter what. Further, there’s no chance Grossman will be the QB of the future. I wrote about it on my blog.

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  • FiretheOwner

    Complete atrocity. Sign malcontent DL to big contract and watch him disappear. Sign QB to contract extension and then watch the old coach you just had to have bench him unceremoniously. This franchise has been in a coma ever since Danny Dumbass laid his hand on it. Every time I think there can’t be a lower level of shame rage, Danny Dumbass does something else to lower the bar. The owner sucks and I hate him!!!

  • Uncle Long Hair

    I don’t really understand all of the defense of McNabb. Do you think he’s been playing great? Is he really the best possible choice that the Skins have for QB, given that they will have draft picks and an unlimited budget in the free agency?

    McNabb is a big name but just has not been playing well. So far this looks just like all of the other big names that they hired that did not play well… Haynesworth, Jason Taylor, etc. it’s a long list. Why should the coaches stick with a player that started 13 games and isn’t performing?

  • Commander Spock

    You feel like you’re living in “The Matrix”?

    I guess I’m a little older than you.

    I feel like I’m living in “The Twilight Zone.”

    “Beyond speechless” barely covers it!

    You wanna know how bad this is???

    Bring back Jim Zorn!!!

  • clarence Pierce

    But they did start him and lost. Even though Grossman played OK against a bad Dallas defense that went into prevent the whole 2nd half dosn’t mean didily. They still lost!!! They had a QB on the bench that has beaten Dallas more than any other QB! Shanahan is a moron. Now that same Dallas team has lost to Arizona arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL. Very impressive Coach! What does that say about us…