Brian Mitchell rips Skins, everyone but Haynesworth

Earlier today I was lucky enough to be listening to 106.7  The Fan on my way to class when Brian Mitchell called into the Mike Wise show with Holden Kushner.  Brian comes on full force from the first few seconds into the call and just starts ripping Mike Shanahan, ripping the defensive line, especially Phillip Daniels, and basically ripping the entire organization.  My favorite quote

Everyone sits up here and we’re jumping up and down here about Mike Shanahan. We haven’t gotten Mike Shanahan the coach that was great in Denver. His son is calling the damn plays. It’s his son’s offense. We got the Mike Shanahan that screwed up the Denver Broncos and got his a** fired.

Mitchell also ripped on Philip Daniels

What the hell did Phillip Daniels do on Sunday? He ran his mouth, but he couldn’t make a damn tackle or a sack…I don’t think anyone on that defensive line has a right to say a damn thing about anybody. They sucked yesterday. Phillip Daniels sucks. Everybody on the defensive line sucks.

Throwing Philip Daniels, who has been a solid veteran presence for this team under the bus seems unnecessary.  While his best days are behind him he still puts in 10+ times the amount of effort(have you seen his biceps?) Haynesworth EVER did when he was here and doesn’t deserve a sucker punch like that.

I can’t really explain too much about what went down in words, you really have to listen to it yourself.

Check out segment 8 at about 11:40

The rant continues in the beginning of segment 9


After listening, what did you think?  Do you agree or disagree with Brian Mitchell?

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  • Scott Stewart

    I like B-Mitch he was a great player and is entertaining on the radio as well on television. He is passionate about Redskin football and the teams fans but I do think he was a little too harsh on Daniels.

    Daniels is 37 years old compared to Haynesworth who is only 29 years old…

    Daniels is on a 2 year deal worth 2.162 million dollars and Haynesworth is on a 7 year 100 million dollar deal

    If Daniels as old as he is out training, out practicing and working harder on learning the defense than Haynesworth than yea he can talk. I don’t like losing but I rather lose with a bunch of guys who try their hardest than I would to lose with a bunch of guys who could win but they just dont care enough to win. Haynesworth is wasted talent

    • Miles Aghajanian

      Exactly! It just doesn’t seem like a fair comparison at all. Sure Haynesworth has more talent, but Daniels is a better Redskin than Haynesworth ever will be.

      • Scott Stewart

        yea it’s not a fair comparison….

        Daniels never said he was more talented than Haynesworth. Daniels whole thing seemed to be about effort because basically at one point he even said if Haynesworth actually put his full effort in to it he would be the player of the year. So on that yea I do think Daniels has the right to talk

  • Jamal

    BMitch was a decent special teams guy. and . Not sure why he comes off like he was a Hall of Fame running back, judging on high from his throne of superiority. Been a Skins fan for years, and he is no standout amongst all the other skins greats.

    This entire franchise is a disaster, and will be until the owner quits trying to purchase the Super Bowl, and instead, does it the honest way of actually building a team through the draft.

    • Miles Aghajanian

      I hope that the Haynesworth mistake is something that maybe finally shows Snyder the light about trying to buy rings. The fans have been preaching building over buying for the past few years and I hope we actually start to see a turn in that direction for sure.

  • http://riggo'srag Joseph

    Look at the play , where Big al layd on the ground , and had he gottn off hiz belly , Vick wouldn’t have had the time he did , go , go look at it you’ll see , and P. Dan can talk , hez been putting in day in and day out , BUT” hez been pushed around to , fact is a fact , But BM chill bro , you weren’t all that great , you were good , great team guy , but that’s about it , Terry Allen did bettr,anyway , like I said before , and before , Big Al would hav NEVER came to Washington if he knew he’d be in the 3-4 , ask him , why would he leave a system he was sooo lights out in , to no lights at all , ahhh , now you see , of course he should ball and close the gap of the doubters , but isn’t a football coach supposed to put a player where he does his best , yes , the answer is yes , I’am a football coach , and I put you where you are best , and if your real good , because I wanna win , and coaching is a team effort , and its about the TEAM , I’ll build the D a little around you , not fully , but enough where you’ll be the best you can , LISTEN PEOPLE , that’s what Coaching is all about , I’m not tacking up for anybody , but truth is truth… Please don’t say he left Tenn , for the money , because right now , I’m sure his Rep is worth more than money.

    • Miles Aghajanian

      There is so much blame to pass around for what has happened this season. Sure there’s the last ranking on defense, the sputtering offense, the off the field drama, but I think the main thing is that the blame can’t all be put on Phillip Daniels, and calling him out like that to direct blame away from Hayneworth is pretty silly.

    • Scott Stewart

      First well lets be honest here money did play a huge part in to why he came here…

      He had left a Titans team that had just went 13 and 3 to go to a Redskins team that had just went 8 and 8. Haynesworth had just had the best year of his career and was already playing on a defense that was better than the one he was coming to join.

      So if Haynesworth loved the Titans so much why else would he come here? That big fat paycheck from Dan Snyder of course so yes the money was a big factor in to why he left and you know what I don’t blame him for that. It’s professional sports players leave for longer and bigger salary contracts all the time because in pro sports money talks.

      Part of being on a team especially in professional sports is knowing that coaches can change and when they do so can the plays and overall scheme of the team. When he signed that contract it was to play for the Washington Redskins yes at the time it was a 3-4 defense but I’ve yet to see where it says in his contract that they guarantee there would be no coaching change and that they would never change up the defense.

      I hear you on the whole playing a guy where he is best at but from what people are saying Haynesworth did not even give his full effort to see what he can do in the 3-4. He skipped the voluntaries, missed practices, showed up late, whined, complained, pouted and carried himself in a way that was totally unprofessional. If he is sad about where his reputation is at currently well he needs to look in the mirror and realize he played a part in this to it was not just the coaches.

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  • http://riggorag Jojoe , va beach

    For scott…..sure players like a nice check , wouldn’t anybody want to get paid if they were really good , Tenn didn’t have that kind of money , and ok he failded sum tests , well he was the same guy that played pretty much lights out ay Tenn, the schem changed , he wasn’t happy about it , why didn’t just put him out there and let him make a fool out of his own self , if he was soo outa shape , it wouldn’t hav took the whole season to see it , M.Shanny is a cocky little dude , I don’t even kno him , but watching him , it doesn’t take a rocket , but reall I’m no regular football fan , I’m a Skins fan, I. Kno my team , well as much as the ouutside world can , but being a coach , as I am , I kno that an Ego will put a dam

    • Scott Stewart

      Does Shanahan have an ego? Yea he probably at least a little bit….

      ok you are a coach right? well how would you take it if your players decided hey we wont come to team sanctioned training sessions? how would you take it if your players bashed your plans without even really giving it a shot?

      is Shanahan perfect? no but neither is Haynesworth and that is what Haynesworth has to realize. it is not that Haynesworth cant play or succeed in a 3-4 defense it is that he does not put in the effort to succeed because he just does not want to buy in to the team concept. There has been moments this season where Haynesworth looked good in the 3-4 he was being disruptive, took up blockers and made it easier on the other defensive players then on the other hand there was times like vs Philly where he laid on the ground and gave up on a play.

      Haynesworth will not get the same numbers in a 3-4 defense but if he were to buy in and actually put his all in to it he could make the players around him see an increase in stats. now don’t get me wrong I think the Skins would be better with a 4-3 because the line of Andre Carter, Albert Haynesworth, Ma’ake Kemoeatu and Brian Orakpo could look real nice. How it looks right now though the coaches want it to be a 3-4 defense and that is not something the players or the fans can change. So it is the players job to put their full effort in to doing it if not for the coaches than for their own pride.

      Haynesworth is a headache and he just is not going to fit in here so they need to cut ties with him. He will probably go back to the Titans or somewhere and put up stats again and that is good for him.

      A team is like a puzzle all the puzzles have to fit just right to make the picture you are working on and Haynesworth well he is one of those pieces that somehow ends up getting mixed in with the wrong box. Washington is not changing back to a 4-3 so they are not going to start a whole new puzzle just to fit Haynesworth. From how it looks is this will be a couple year building process they are looking at what they have and seeing who can fit and who can’t so that way they know what to get in the off season whether it be via free agency, trades or the draft.

      • http://riggorag Jojoe , va beach

        I agree with the buying in and all that puzzel stuff , but look , there are so many peices that don’t fit , so do the skins get rid of all these players , a coach has to look and say , “what do I have here , and try and build around what he has ,compromise , is key , Big Al probably didn’t want to 3-4 it , but I don’t guess he just didn’t want to play , and Dr Shanny was like oh yeah , well take this , and that , I mean what REAL proof does he have that the guy was hungover,how do they really kno , so if sumbody went up to my boss and said that I was hung over , the boss should beleivee them over me , with no proof , Shanny is to cocky , to big an ego , and if he was so great , why did devnver Fire him , they fired him , two bowl ringz and all , why , cuz he is to dang cocky , I bet you money I could get Big Al to ball hardcore , silly sounding , but that’s the coach in me comming out , to be a great coach , you gotta have great communication skillz , Jeff Fisher has it , Bill Walsh had it , Dungy has it , Andy Reid has it , shall I go on , Shanny does not , look at the whole team , they make media comments like their scared to be real , about this whole season , watchem , there no fun in their eyez , no fire , Shanny is Acting like the Skinz were this dumb outa wack no control team , it was the owner not the team , the skins just needed to be polished up , not grinded and stomped to a pulp , and that’s how Shanny is acting , he will Never win the players heart like that , been around football for a while now , and that much I do kno .

  • http://riggorag Jojoe , va beach

    I ment put a damper….not dam… fault…

  • stillAfan1

    Two quick points:
    1) Recently we saw the obituaries of Don Meredith and it was often revealed the conflict between Meredith and Coach Landry.
    But neither party let it affect their primary objective of better play on the field.

    2) Gibbs used to ask troubled players if they really wanted to stay on our team. If they didn’t want to be here then decisions were made . Very simple, common sense.

    So I ask our new Coach: Is your control more important than our team?

  • http://riggorag Jojoe , va beach

    To stillafan….perfect , thats my whole point , its about the team , a coach looks at what he has , and developes it , you dont chang everything , but if playerz do better here put them here , if they play better there put them there , look arnt most coaches former playrz , ok so no playerz that play now , have any clue , yes im sure they do,and thats called team meetings,but the coach needz to listen , no the playerz don’t run the team , but again , that’s why its calld a team , therez more to coaching , than just being the coach .