Albert Haynesworth’s release could be imminent

The talented but troubled mountain of a man, Albert Haynesworth, is very likely to be released today.  It could happen tomorrow, but I wouldn’t bet on the pain continuing past mid-day today.  I use the word ‘pain’, because everyone around this ordeal is feeling the discomfort.

We the fans have watched this year’s edition of our beloved but underachieving Washington Redskins try to walk the balance beam in its handling of Big Al.  We’ve watched Mr. Haynesworth ride what appears to be a predominantly self-constructed emotional roller coaster.  To this day, I believe firmly that some health condition such as bi-polar disorder is a factor in Big Al’s reasoning.  It sure sounds as if that’s the case, though I’m no doctor and have no inside information on his medical history.  Regardless, what’s done is done.  To borrow a term from that famous American philosopher Donovan McNabb, this chapter in the book of Albert Haynesworth is closed.  That’s what the tea leaves tell us, that’s what ESPN’s Mike and Mike tell us, and later today, that’s what Shanny will tell us.

Usually, when you finally resolve a lingering personnel problem, you feel as if it’s a new day.  It may feel that way to the other players, I don’t know.  To the Redskins’ front office and many of the team’s faithful fans, it will just feel like another debacle.  That’s because we have no idea where the ‘Skins will go from here.  They may show some heart on the field, but the roster still reads like a MASH unit,  the offense is still not in sync, and the defense looks downright confused.

I doubt seriously that Haynesworth will be the last domino to fall.  I’d be very surprised if Jim Haslett is retained after this year.  Maybe once he is released and an accomplished Defensive Coordinator is hired, we’ll all feel like it’s a new day.  As for Shanny and Son – they need a do-over.

What will become of Mr. Haynesworth?  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he and Jeff Fisher or he and Chuck Cecil have discussed this.  I’m not alleging tampering by the Titans, though some form of that wouldn’t shock me.  Doesn’t matter, because nothing they could say would have caused or prevented this outcome.

The 2010 chapter in the book of the Washington Redskins will come to a merciful close on January 2nd.   I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter, be it 2011 or 2012.  In the meantime, bring on the 2011 draft.  Go Skins!

P.S.  By the way, former Cowboys’ quarterback and Monday Night Football Announcer Don Meredith died.   Hmmm, what’s for breakfast?

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  • curtis

    The obits on Don Meredith have told the story of a strained player-coach relationship.
    AH and Shanny should read and learn. Meredith and Landry did not let their team suffer because of their disputes.

    • J Howard Giddings

      Great point Curtis. Tom Landry was a class act. Dandy Don didn’t exactly exude class, but he was a straight-shooter. Class and forthrightness – have we seen that with these guys?

  • garrett maley

    They need to let him go, along with about 35 others! Name the players on this team who would be starting on Offense or Defense, for any other 7-5 team in the league – those are the ones to keep, after jettisoning all the others. Then take the choice remaining few and either keep them or trade up for a decent roster to suit your system. Many of these team associates (I won’t call them players) are too comfortable in their jobs, much like a lot of the rest of the Washington workforce. Many are out there in front of the media (like other politicians) granting “not me” style interviews in order to solidify their tenure. Enough of the crap – the bling & silk pocket squares, the occasional one game brilliance – Sonny, Sam, Chris, Art, Darrell and Charley, and whole lot of others played every down of every game, without excuses! I’m so tired of hearing about it taking time to learn a new system – rocket science, this ain’t! Most of these team associates having been at this since PeeWee league, or about 20 to 30 years. What would you consider the IQ level to be of a 25 year Electrician, who you still had to tell: “the black wire is the hot, the white wire is the neutral”. Give me a break! It’s football, for god’s sake! Blocking, tackling, running and catching the ball are fundamental, and these people don’t know the fundamentals, or, in my opinion, are skating. I don’t believe that one could remain a “team associate” for over 20 years, without being required to learn the game – do you? Thanks for letting me rant, GPM

    • J Howard Giddings

      Rant on GPM. Rant on.