Stick a fork in these Hogs; they’re done.

By: Sean Mathews

It’s not that the Redskins’ playoff hopes are completely finished.  They can still conceivably, if not improbably make the playoffs.  Here is the problem, and I’m going to be very blunt about it.  The Redskins played one solid quarter against a worse than mediocre team led by a man who was probably alive when wooly mammoths roamed the earth; and they failed completely.

I could sit here and analyze every aspect of the game as I do each week.  I could count the dropped passes thrown with precision by McNabb; a rare occurrence as of late.  I could count the third down conversion attempts that failed.  I could count the yards and touchdowns lost to penalties.  If I were Brandon banks I would be fuming today.  He has proved to be one of the few sparkling embers in a dying fire.  I’m tired of analyzing and trying to deduce and reason.  I’m done.  The Redskins are done.

When I say I’m done I mean it facetiously.  I’m not really done with the Skins.  As a true fan, I will love them no matter what.  But I am seriously starting to question if the Redskins will ever return to prominence.  I wonder if they themselves have given up hope.  So much seems broken right now with the Redskins and has been for more than the past decade.  But I’m done trying to figure out what went wrong and how they can get back on track. 

I have gone through the five stages of grief with the Redskins and have finally arrived at the last stage.  I have reached acceptance.  The Redskins, for lack of a better word, suck.  They have a very talented quarterback and a coach who knows how to win.  They have some decent prospects and some youth with hunger to win.  However, for every good aspect there are bad aspects that will continue to hold them back.  The Redskins cannot continue to ride on the back of Brandon Banks.  Changes need to happen, and they need to start at the top.  This is a problem at a level higher than the players and coaches.

In the mean time, the Redskins cannot continue to allow ancient quarterbacks run over them.  Favre is not Michael Vick, but the Skins let him run like it.  The Redskins –as I always say- will need to play with heart in these remaining games.  They will always keep their diehard fans.  For the fair-weather fans though, Baltimore is just a short punt-pass and kick away.  And that’s a team that has done everything right.

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