WANTED: Perry Riley


I’m sitting here in utter disbelief. We have done it again. The Redskins let another team with a below .500 record hang around and win. The Vikings really didn’t even hang around, they dominated. Adrian Peterson goes down in the 2nd quarter; who cares? Toby Gerhart goes for 80+ and the Vikes out gain the Redskins by 100+ in the rushing department. Another key McNabb interception and the always dependable late penalty lead to another loss. Six losses, five wins. The drive for five begins now. The Redskins must win out for a shot at the playoffs.

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  • RDubya

    Yet another season of mediocrity. The first qtr I was actually amazed how fluid the team moved…..yeah…that ended quickly.

    Perry Riley…..enough said.

    Typical Redskins….play just bad enough to make it close and come out on the wrong side. Time to clean house and get some height on this receiving corps….that means more than ONE receiver over 6’2″ that can actually produce.

    This one hurt…..losing on the last play of the game by allowing a 41 year old with a broken ankle run for a first down…..sounds like a bad joke but turns out to be typical for the Skins.

    This hurts….and hurts bad.

  • Kevin Mawyer II

    I agree 100%. I’m usually an optimist… but this game just killed me.

  • DeAn

    For me really. F…..this tean, its owner, the stupid fans,including me,spending money for nothing. This team has no heart. Broken ankle Favre has a lot if it ib his last run. F……. Shanagchit. Hr is an arrogant m……f…… Really this is a class F. Organization. To heeellll with the redskins.

  • Kevin Mawyer II

    I understand your anger but class F is strictly reserved for the Lions. I know it might seem like the end of the world but if you read one of my past posts you’d know we’ve done this before. 5-6 to 10-6, 5-6 to 9-7. Season aint over yet.

    • RDubya

      not throwing in the towel….and really I had no expectations beyond 6-10 this season.. I actually applaud Danny Boy for turning to a GM….now what I would like to see happen is this

      the WR’s discussed above
      young stud RB…..Torrain had a couple good games…he just cannot turn a corner….he is Eddie George…up the gut….without the durability.

      Washout or DBs Rogers either wiffs or misses a sure thing…get him and the rest of the corners out of town PULEASE.

      Not throwing in the towel by any means….bleed burg and gold….but they have no heart at all…..we need youth…heart….and get the….mouths and arrogance out of the locker room….that is what Shanny and GM are supposed to do…. but like I said above…this hurts …it was the Vikes for gods sake.

      ok…off my soapbox….

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  • curtis

    We’re a team with lots of injuries. When a rookie makes a rookie mistake, give the lad a break.

    • Kevin Mawyer II

      Yeah at the time I was extremely heated, but the dropped passes and poor defense against the run really killed us. Like Boise State’s HC said “the game can’t be lost on just one play; it can be won but not lost.” -I agree with this to some extent.