The Redskins give thanks

By: Sean Mathews

As Thanksgiving comes to pass, I have much to be thankful for in my personal life.  In the world of NFL football and the within the Redskins nation, there are certain things I am thankful for as well. I am definitely thankful the Redskins beat the Titans keeping scant playoff hopes alive for another week.   I am also thankful that despite numerous injuries, the Redskins have managed to persevere.  As closet pessimists through years of sub-par performance, I think us Skins fans tend to ignore the good in spite of it all.  There have indeed been many things to be thankful for in Washington, and across the NFL.  So in the tradition of Thanksgiving, let us see who else is giving thanks.  Here is a run down of what some of the Redskins and members of other teams are most thankful for right now.

Donovan McNabb: Thankful to be an otherwise healthy Redskin with a home to play at for the next few years (so it would seem).

Michael Vick: Thankful Donovan McNabb is an otherwise healthy Redskin with a home to play at for the next few years (so it would seem).  The Eagles are thankful for this as well.

Brad Childress: Probably thankful he isn’t associated with Brett “Genitalia” Favre and the sinking ship known as the Vikings anymore.  Being un-employed does have perks.

Brett Favre: Thankful he’s even (at this time) starting.  With the Vikings’ season effectively over and Favre retiring, why in the world is he starting?

Keiland Williams: Thankful Clinton Portis can’t stay healthy.

Redskins fans:  Thankful Clinton Portis can’t stay healthy.

Santana Moss:  Thankful he was the Moss with over 100 receiving yards in the Titans game and not the other Moss.

Randy Moss:  Has nothing to be thankful for right now.

Vince Young: See Randy Moss.

Pittsburgh:  Thankful Ben Roethlisberger is back.

Ben Roethlisberger:  Thankful Pittsburgh is thankful he is back.

Dan Snyder: Thankful Peter Angelos still owns the Orioles and as a result gives fans an owner to hate more than him.

Wade Phillips:  See Vince Young.

Panthers:  Thankful to have a win.

Lions: Thankful to have two wins.

Vince Young:  Thankful to be a starting… wait, he’s not a starting quarterback anymore.  I’ll stop picking on him.  Don’t want to hurt his feelings. 

The reader who is reading this:  Thankful this is the last thing I’m saying anyone is thankful about.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Don’t let the shoulder pads -Sorry Vince Young, again- hit you on the way out.

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