McNabb is done in DC if…

Donovan McNabb looks not to fade into "Bolivian"

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Say it ain’t so. Well it could be.   And frankly, I believe his career depends on it.

Everyone was saying “Oh he will go to Arizona or Minnesota..” The fact of the matter is those places are dumps right now and may not offer him as much of an opportunity as *gasp* we could here.

So what would finish off such a great quarterback and make him fade into Bolivan?
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Playing not to lose.

It always happens, and for some reason…always happens here. Joe Gibbs, the greatest Redskins coach, was accused to coaching not to lose in his second stint?  Jason Campbell, as great as physical athlete as he was here, played not to lose. I fear McNabb may be heading down that path.

I think he is still ways away from that mentality, but with such a big game coming up at home versus the Eagles, he may be more afraid of losing than looking to win.

Mike Burke of has watched McNabb’s career for quite some time and has offered some insight.

Donovan has always been a diva.  When he plays great, everything else is great.  When he plays bad or is criticized, he crawls into a defensive shell.  He’ll come out and say things to defend himself and not look like the bad guy.  When situations like this happen, you have to be worried because his mental state definitely changes and you don’t know how he’s going to act moving forward.

McNabb this season is throwing seven touchdowns to eight interceptions.   Clearly not the number we expected.  He is only on pace for 14 TDs and 16 picks.  Two picks I won’t fault on him.  They were two Hail Marys at the end of the 4th quarter (vs. GB and INDY).

What we need to see vs. Philly on Monday Night Football is a field general.  Not afraid to make the throws and making the best throws.  Two weeks ago in Detroit, I feel he did not play in a manner that put his team in a place to win.  Brandon Banks did with excellent returns.  McNabb needs just one classic game to get his swagger back.  He gets his change on Monday night.
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  • BGGB

    I’m not sure what that means in practical terms. If anything, McNabb has blown a couple conversions b/c he choose to go deep, trying to make the big play.

    McNabb willing us to victory would be nice, but everything around him is getting worse, not better. Heyer at RT. Rabach spending as much time in the backfield as the RBs. The 3rd receiving option being a 28 year old rookie.

    Oh, and his head coach publicly undermined him 2 minutes before the bye week.

    McNabb deserves some blame for the offense’s mediocrity, but asking him to singlehandedly turn this offense around seems to be scapegoating him for the bigger failures of the roster Shanahan is currently building and that Cerrato left us.

    It’s not Mcnabb’s fault if he doesn’t fit Shanny’s system. That’s Shanny’s fault.

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  • Ricky

    This is getting ridiculous. I can’t stand people who say ‘it’s McNabb’s fault,’ or ‘McNabb needs to be a leader…’ Wow, do you watch football? Have you been around the past 10 years?? McNabb is nothing short of a great leader and he has been JUST THAT, this whole time with the Skins. I think what Shanahan (or maybe more-so, his son!) needs to realize is, the only reason we can’t get the ball moving is the O-line!! I promise you, I know what I’m talking about! Any offense can produce numbers if they have a powerful o-line… I promise, that’s all it takes. The Patriots have been productive for years because they allow the needed time for their plays to be run. The Colts, everyone knows they have a good o-line; Manning trusts them, and when a quarterback trusts their o-line, magic WILL happen! Look again at the Pats, Brady’s superbowls and playoff wins. Why was he so, as the anouncers would say, “calm in the pocket?” Because he TRUSTED that massive o-line that he worked with! Look at the Eagles o-line from a season or two ago, the heaviest o-line in the business!! And last but not least, The Skins of the 80′s!! What was that nickname again..? Oh yeah, The HOGS!! What made our offense tick? The HOGS! The offensive line is the ONE thing that NO Redskins headcoach has focused on in the past 20 years, hence the never ending story in that time, of a failing offence. Give McNabb a REAL offensive line, and he will have a feild day! Mark my words. It’s a promise from me to you. Any, and I mean ANY QB can flourish with a little thing called “enough time.”

    • Ryan John Estorninos

      He’s not perfect, but I still believe that he is the best thing we got, and have had in quite some time.

      Read my last post. I am not sold on Lichtensteiger…I wish Dockery were at least dressing.

      With CP in the backfield for passing downs, I think McNabb’s numbers should go up as long as CP stays healthy

      • Ricky

        I agree. It just bugs me when I ever hear people talk down about him, when we have no way of helping him perform well. It’s like he’s back there all by himself and nobody is noticing. But yeah, I wish we’d use Dockery, and I can’t wait to see Portis back at least on 3rd downs.