ESPN’s MikeandMike: Mark Schlereth to Mike Shanahan – You Lied!

It’s 9:48am, and I’m wondering what the Washington Redskins’ Head Coach is up to.  Is he working out?  Is he watching film of his team play the Lions?  Is he watching film of the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington’s next opponent?  Or, is he listening to MikeandMike on ESPN?

Coach Shanny may not like much of what he sees when he reviews the Skins’ game against the Lions.  He might be concerned about the Vick-led Eagles.  If he’s listening to or watching MikeandMike, he’s downright … indifferent.  He probably doesn’t care one iota what Mark Schlereth, a Super Bowl winning offensive guard for the Redskins and Shanny’s Denver Broncos thinks about how he runs Mr. Snyder’s football team.  On the other hand, he might just care about having his integrity questioned by a former player.  I imagine he does.

Schlereth characterized Mike Shanahan’s handling of Donovan McNabb as ‘downright ridiculous’,’ shameful’, and untruthful.  He went on to say that the Redskins are always in 3rd and long because Donovan McNabb can’t complete short throws, and that Shanahan lied when he said McNabb didn’t know the two-minute offense well enough and wasn’t conditioned enough to run it regardless.  The Redskins’ problem, according to Schlereth, boils down to McNabb’s inaccuracy.  Shanahan’s problem, according to Schlereth, is that he displayed a lack of integrity.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Schlereth gave Mr. Shanahan a pass on his handling of Albert Haynesworth.  That appeared to be because he doesn’t feel the Coach overreacted or was dishonest about that situation.  So, what does Schlereth think the fall-out of the Shanahan’s dishonesty will be?  A lack of confidence in him in the locker room.  The Redskins sure don’t need that!

The other day I wrote that the wheels are beginning to fall off the Redskins’ cart.  I believe that more than ever now, but not just because of what I heard on ESPN this morning.  Yesterday, a Philadelphia Eagles’ season ticket holder called me and told me that McNabb is inaccurate on short throws, and that he’s convinced Andy Reid covered up for him year after year.  Now, I’m going to be watching every pass under 15 yards he attempts.

I like Number 5 – I think he’s  a stand-up guy and a decent starting quarterback.  But, let’s be honest even if the Coach wasn’t – McNabb isn’t an elite quarterback.  That’s why I can’t see him being tendered a long-term contract by the Redskins.  Mike Shanahan wants a franchise quarterback.  As for Shanahan himself – he already has the big contract.  After this episode however, the team will need to win at least half of its games this season for Skins’ fans to have confidence in him.  Next season’s another story entirely.  The Redskins absolutely must make the playoffs.  If  they don’t, or if they have a losing record this year, the boo birds will come out in force.  That would be a real shame, because I truly believe the Redskins are on the mend.   Go Skins!

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  • psv

    I google surfed on through having only caught half of that conversation on M&M this morning. As an Eagles fan, here are a couple thoughts.

    1. McNabb was always terrible on short routes. Always. What made up for this was the Eagles ultimate weapon: Brian Westbrook.

    2. If the coach’s son is to be believed that McNabb’s mechanics needed work and McNabb balked, that begs the question why they traded for McNabb in the first place. McNabb is known quantity. His game hasn’t changed very much since he came into the league. Sure, he’s lost a step but he still has good field vision and knows when to bail from the pocket. He tends to throw better on the run as opposed to just hanging out in the pocket. He has a cannon of an arm that stretches the field.

    If they’re concerned about running an offense predicated on short routes using McNabb, they made a colossal error in judgment. I believed that McNabb was used incorrectly while he was in Philly, and figured he’d look better under Shanny: play action, power running game. Whether it’s personnel or policy, that’s not really happening in D.C. as far as I can tell.

    3. The Eagles had the benefit of having two titans anchor the line for much of McNabb’s career in Jon Runyan and Tre Thomas. He doesn’t have that kind of situation in DC and likely won’t.

    4. It’s a shame, because while I like the Eagles, I’m a fan of football first and the Eagles had some interesting battles with the Redskins in the 90s. There’s no way Shanahan leaves this mess without severe damage to his legacy. The Skins looked to be on the upswing…. hopefully they recover from this.

  • turbohugh

    Ok .

    Stop the madness

    This is all to deflect attention from the Oline.

    Face it. We have the O-Line we are going to have all year. If Shannahan pulls McNabby, and word gets out -Oh he was pulled cause Center Guard and Guard cant hold their gaps, then we have lost our ‘edge’

    Its the ELEPHANT in the room. Hopefully Shanahan will approach the leaders of the team and be honest with them, then he wont lose the team (may lose some fans).

    Fixing the Oline is top priority, unfortunately if they say that in the news all the ‘hope’ will be gone.