Redskins' Radio: It's Time For A Color Commentator Change

I love Sonny and Sam.  Always have; always will.  But, one of them spends part of his time every game asking what happened on several plays, stating something that’s irrelevant, or just outright being wrong.  I won’t say who that is, because it would hurt this lifelong Redskins’ fan to do so.  But Sam, regardless of whom I’m referring to, please let this season be your last behind the microphone.

I know this is likely to be an unpopular position, but I’ve thought this for several years and feel someone needs to express it.  I mean no disrespect to a Redskins’ great, by any stretch.  Sam & Sonny are a pair – a fun, insightful pair.  But all good things come to an end, and professionals go out on their terms before they’re forced to.

Don’t think for a minute I wouldn’t miss Mr. Huff.  The fact is, I’ve missed him for the past few years – the old him.  He should certainly stick around the Redskins and Redskins’ nation, just not as a radio commentator on game-day.  My Mom will kill me if she reads this.  She’ll think the pick Donovan just threw with 3:00 minutes to go in the 4th quarter put me in a bad mood.  I was already in a bad mood.  I’m absolutely sick of the winless Rams beating the hapless Redskins today and the last time they played, which was  at FedEx Field when they were coached by Jim Haslett.  Nope – that’s not what this is.

I’d love to know what you think about my assertion, agree or disagree.  Take your best shot if you do disagree.  Just don’t hunt me down the next time I’m at a game at FedEx.  My Mom will beat you to it anyway.

With 1:44 to go, it’s 30 – 16 Rams, and the ‘Skins are out of timeouts.

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  • jmwsnu1

    I whole heartedly agree. I have thought this for at least three years and was astounded it Bruce allen didn’t help this decision out during this past off season. there are only so many times you can hear about how great and hard he played and how the middle linebacker is the only part of the defense that matters…

    I too hope he steps away with some dignity left, but with each passing game…

    Even Madden new it was time to hang it up, and I could have stood him for 5 more years easy.

    With Bruce Allens re-kindled alumni connections we should push for a new crew next season – B. Mitch would add some flavor, and we know he can speak well. – opinionated yes – right? – most of the time. Please just dont let it be Trevor Matich.. that guy drives me crazy.

    • J Howard Giddings

      jmwsnu1: we certainly are on the same page. I too have felt it for several years. On the other hand, my mother said “Don’t publish that article.” I love my Mom, but facts are facts. Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for commenting.

      • Spence

        Sonny, Sam (and yes, Frank) are a tradition. With Sam, you know what you get, and it is consistent. He love defense, hitting, hates the prevent, you know.
        You guys are no doubt a little upset at our teams inability to beat the Rams, whose rookie QB beat us with little slants, etc. Maybe, instead of Sam, channel some of that energy toward our woeful defense who can’t really stop anybody.

        • J Howard Giddings

          Thanks for your comment Spence. I wasn’t upset about the Reskins’ performance when I wrote the article. I was resigned to it by then. I’ve simply put off for too long expressing what I believe to be the truth. Still, I’m glad you chimed in.

  • Skinsfan06

    He NEEDS to hang it up. I’m a lifelong redskins fan and listened to the Texans game on the radio in the car. These two examples say it all
    (1) Kevin Walter catches a ball in the fourth quarter. Sam says “Big catch for the Texans, I don’t think we’ve called his name all day.” This was his 12th catch and he had over 150 yds at that point. Sonny calls him out.
    (2) Matt Turk is the Texans punter. Sam says “That name sounds familiar. I think hes been around the league a long time.” Matt Turk was the punter for the Skins for FIVE YEARS. Sonny calls him out. Any Redskins fan knows this.
    And these are only two of the 20 or so blunders he made.
    Its time for him to hang it up. He has no clue what is going on in the game and it is painful to listen to. I have one Colts fan and one Ravens fan in the car with me and they were laughing/begging me to turn it off.

  • Steve Angst

    I guess I’ll jump in with a different view of this. I LIKE both Sonny and Sam, and always thought they worked well together and produced a great show to listen to. But starting last year, I couldn’t help notice that Sonny’s comments to Sam were becoming less a give and take – very normal – but turning nasty and degrading, This reflect poorly on Sonny, not Sam, who took it good naturely. If Sonny finds it intolerable to work with Sam he shoould 1) quit or 2) use his influence to get Sam out – but NOT to run down eveything Sam says. Sonny’s actions make him – not Sam – look small.