The Redskins’ home uniform will be…

Will it be the classic look? White jerseys, burgundy pants and white socks?

Will it be the reverse of that? Burgundy jerseys with white pants and burgundy socks?

Or something else, like burgundy jerseys with GOLD pants?

Today on Sports Talk 980 with Kevin Sheehen the topic came up again, and Dan Steinberg transcribed.

“You took it as a hint, you understood it a certain way,” Allen said with good humor. “I said we’re very proud of our team colors of burgundy and gold, and we will be wearing our Redskins uniforms. You took that to mean something, and then I got 400 e-mails myself on that. We’re gonna discuss our uniforms with our alumni later, after the preseason, and we’ll see what we wear. We will be wearing our team colors, I promise you. Our jerseys have burgundy and gold, they’re special colors, [and] we’ll see what happens.”

Allen said the Redskins would not have an alternate uniform this season. He declined to say whether the team would wear dark or white colors at home. He said the team’s helmets would stay the same. And he said he liked the fact that so many people were fascinated by this issue.

“It’s wonderful, and as we spend more and more time with the alumni, believe me, they have some specific ideas of concepts we should do,” Allen said. “And we really are gonna listen to our alumni quite a bit this year.”

My personal prediction? If it is up to the alumni, we may still see a mix at home, but the majority will favor the Classic Look, since those were the uniforms worn in the Super Bowl years.

I also think it is a classy move of Allen allowing the alumni to have input on what this is.

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  • Panama Jack

    Please change the Skins unis to the Redskins alternates (spear helmet, maroon jersey, old gold pants)… PLEASE! I always hated the BBQ Sauce/Yellow Mustard combo, even in the glory days…

    • Bill Blythe

      Oh my god YES!! I have hoped to go back to the traditional Burgundy jerseys and Gold pants but not Yellow!! I also like the older helmets with the spear on it. And for god’s sake, go back to wearing these DARK jerseys for home games–the red and white is like 20 friggin years old..

  • Peter Maatta

    I personally love it when the Redskins shake it up with the uniforms. I hate the plain old White Jersey/Burgundy Pants color scheme 15 out of 16 games. I hate that.

    My personal favorite (as it has always been) is the Burgundy Jersey/White Pants. I also love the All White combo. Then I like the All Burgundy. Enough with the White Jersey/Burgundy Pants crap. It’s tired.

    You have Burgundy Jerseys and White Pants, used them.

    Variety is the spice of life. It just looks great.

    Redskins, to me, have the bed uniforms in the NFL, as long as it’s not White Jersey/Burgundy Pants every frickin Sunday.

  • Peter Maatta

    Please, please, I beg of you. Don’t go back to the boring old Joe Gibbs White Jersey/Burgundy Pants Combo every single game.


    If they go back to that same old crap (which they have so far in the Pre-Season) I quit being a fan.