NFC East: Quarterbacks

This is the big one.  The NFC East has three proven quarterbacks that have stats to pad, wins to boast, and names on jerseys to sell.  All teams, except the Eagles who are starting Kevin Kolb next season, have quarterbacks who have made quite a name for themselves in the league.

Tony Romo is Dallas’ most promising quarterback since Troy Aikmen.  Finally breaking through and leading the Cowboys to their first playoff win since Deion Sanders was still a Cowboy, the Dallas faithful have something to cheer about in him.  That is of course he isn’t on the PGA tour circuit. Eli Manning, though goofy looking at times, has the elusive ring that Romo nor Redskins/Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb posses.  Though his stats are not phenomenal, he has what it takes to win, and that was evident in the Giant’s 2007 Super Bowl run.  Donovan McNabb has established himself as a legend in Philadelphia guiding that city’s team to more consecutive success than any other quarterback before him.  Though, he has had the stigma of being a choker when it comes to the big games.  He was shut out twice in Dallas last season, his last in Philadelphia.

So, who guides our division if we have to pick one?

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  • Canetrap

    Eli is vastly over rated.

    • T.E.X.A.S

      Agreed that Superbowlwin was the Giants D. Eli was like Rex Grossman when the Bears made it to the Superbowl. Just needed him to score some points. Also when Eli made that last touchdown drive I recall twice that he should have been picked off but the Patriots failed to do so. I don’t think Mcnabb is all that bad but his time is starting to pass so that leaves Romo as the best option in my eyes.

    • jim

      And you are vastly under educated. Romo will NEVER win a big game. He does not have the mental game, takes far too many risks, and his body is wearing down faster that it should due to coaching / protection / and just poor decisions

      • Mike

        And you, Jim. What do you know about the mental makeup of Romo? Are you a licensed psychologist? Have you examined him? Or are you a physical therapist/trainer? You have that calculation of just how fast his body is wearing down? Do you know anything? Didn’t think so!!!

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  • Joe D. Ramirez

    The ball went off the hands of Asante Samuel. Not to mention the catch by Tyree. I have to give yall the nod that yall didn’t stuff the ballot on McNabb.

    A quick defense of Romo: In the final games the past three years, he has had no time to throw the ball. He was physically beaten and brutalized by the Giants, Eagles, and Vikings. The knock on Romo is that he can’t win big games. That’s a crock. He can’t win when there are people crushing him to the ground after only one Mississipi.

  • Riggo’s Rag

    @ Joe: simply he must win a big game. He has the talent to do so. Romo getting smashed into the ground says more about the TEAM than just him. However, unless he doesn’t he will be getting the LeBron treatment…all the talent in the world but no big wins to solidify his status. So save the Eagle win last year, it isn’t crock. It’s fact. 1-3 playoffs is not a winning record.

    I do agree he should be the quarterback of the East. So don’t think I am disagreeing with your comment just because. He is the best quarterback of the division now. Right now. Of the actives McNabb(as an Eagle) still has the best resume to boot.

    • joe d.

      I did an article prior to my Landry Hat days. The thesis was that Tonywill never win a big game because people will never give him credit for having done so. He’s played in a ton of big games, to include an undefeated Colts and Saints teams and won them both. But those obviously weren’t big games.

      Certainly I want to see his playoff record improve, but it is nit picking to point out games where the whole team didn’t play up to their capabilities.

  • jim

    Looks like only Lowboy fans voting here. NYG Go Big Blue

  • T.E.X.A.S

    Looks like you just have hate for the Cowboys. Just because Romo is getting more votes don’t figure everyone is just Cowboys fans. I have voted for the better player and have not just voted for my team. I voted for Jacobs as the better back even though Felix Jones looked better than him last year but Jacobs has been the better back the last few years. You say Romo has not won a playoff game then he wins one. You say he does not win big games what was the New Orleans game when we needed a win badly. He makes bad decision just like every QB. If you are talking about his interceptions maybe you have not notice but they seem to be becoming less every year. So the coaching must be doing something right. You want him to win a Superbowl but lets not forget he has no where near as many starts as Eli or Mcnabb. I don’t see where you see him wearing down his sacks from last season where from him deciding to protect the ball and not make that bad decision you say he makes so often. Romo usually makes good decision but no QB will make good decision if he can’t get protection.

    • joe d.

      Ditto. Holding true to my previous assessment, I voted for Jacobs.

  • Philitalian

    This is a ridiculous poll. There are FOUR teams in the NFC East. Granted, as Mr. Estorninos stated, Kolb has not had the impact in the NFL of the other QB’s in our division, to discount him from the poll is shortsighted. Kolb had 2-300 yard games last year. He is a more accurate passer than McChoke and based on locker room buzz, a significantly better leader (although we will not really know if that is accurate until the Birds hit a bad spot in the season). I look forward to reading many future blogs regarding the Eagles new superstar/Super Bowl Champion QB, Kevin Kolb.

    To my dear Redskins brothers from other mothers, enjoy your years with McClown. He is a solid human being, a great QB (when the going is good), and a good face for any franchise. He is a solid competitor, NOT a champion. Sorry.

  • zuoluomi

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