NFC East: Defensive Ends (Update)

The NFC East is once again a BEAST in this category.  According to stats, the NFC East have the top four sack leaders on the defensive line, and all four are defensive ends. Andre Carter (WAS) comes in first, followed by the book ends in NY in Mathias Kiwanuka and Justin Tuck.  Trent Cole(PHI) comes in fourth, but leads the division in sacks with 12.5.

With that said, Trent Cole was selected by our panel as the first defensive end we wanted to represent the NFC East.  So who should be the other?

**UPDATE: I replaced Jay Ratliff with Marcus Spears .  I gaffed and put Ratliff in when he is really an NT/DT.

Who is the other top defensive end, opposite Trent Cole, in the NFC East?

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  • Joe D. Ramirez

    Is the defense we are building a 3-4 or 4-3? Ratliff is a Nose tackle and not a defensive end, though he could play that position effectively.

    One small point of concern, with mostly Redskins fans visiting the site, wouldn’t the virtual team be over-represented by a team with questionable talent. I’m just throwing that out.

  • Riggo’s Rag

    I added him based off what listed as top DE’s in the NFC East. If you want to nominate someone else as well that is fine.

    The writer’s (including the representing writer from THE LANDRY HAT)decided 4-3 would be better fit for the division. 1. because the Redskins were 4-3 last year 2. and players like Ware would be a OLB anyway and recently played 4-3 no more than 5 years ago.

    FanSided selected Riggo’s Rag to host the polls. Not my call, if you want more deserving players from the NFC East…vote or nominate them. I am happy to add anyone on there.

    • Joe D. Ramirez

      I’m a writer with The Landry Hat as well, though I’ve had zero involvement in this process. I would have suggested going 3-4, since the Cowboys have the dominant talent in the division. That’s obviously a matter of debatable opinion. Also, when Ware played in the 4-3, he was a defensive end and had to make the transition to OLB. Certainly he could handle the transition back to DE, but he would have to blitz on passing downs along with the 4 defensive lineman, save for zone blitzs with lineman dropping back into zone coverage.

      It’s not that big of a deal, but Ratliff is exceptional at NT in the Cowboys stunting scheme. He wouldn’t be as explosive in a scheme where you absorb the block and then shed into the hole, but maybe I’m not giving him enough credit.

      And I’m not disparaging those who frequent the Rag, but I still contend that the voting will be naturally skewed. The reason I am confident in this, is because I am one of the most level headed Cowboys fans, and I still would stuff the ballot.