Moss Reacts To Questions

When asked on Wednesday about what he thought about his name coinciding with reports of beig linked to HGH, Santana Moss said:

“I’ll talk about football. I don’t know about nothing else,” Santana Moss said. “I ain’t got nothing to do with nothing that ain’t about me.”

Rick Maese and Barry Svrluga wrote:

The Washington Redskins receiver was among the professional athletes who received human growth hormone from Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, according to a source familiar with the investigation. On Tuesday, Galea was charged with smuggling and distributing HGH.

Moss’s name was first reported today by the Buffalo News. The newspaper, which cited unidentified sources close to the case in its report, said that at this point federal prosecutors do not intend to file criminal charges against Moss or any other athlete with connections to the doctor.

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  • Cal

    Look guys, of course the guy has taken HGH. Who wouldnt take a drug that gives u the growth hormones of a 13 year old and theres no test to say u cheated. Of course these guys cheat. the sport is too competitive, too money driven for them not too. cant even blame u Santana. u still my man, I’ll see u down Adams Morgan this weekend.

    • Dan

      Come on now. If there’s one player in the NFL in real need of human growth hormone, it’s Santana Moss. Why deny him that privilege? Now I ask you.

  • Sheeasy28

    So what if he did. But i feel he didnt cause is one of the smallest WR in the league and fastest. Everyone needs to stop being jealous. Hes a great player. Him and his bro from NYG do need what ever that drug is cause shit they been fighting for life, probally since their flagfootball life to be the best because of their height and size.